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My Road to Fat Loss Progress


started dieting about a week ago and im keeping a log of my food intake. im trying to lose fat. im going to be taking a picture of myself every month from different angels and weighing myself every week. this is my log for days 1 & 2. i will add the rest as time goes on.

Day 1

Before breakfast 8:30 a.m.
energy bar- 280 calories 5g fat 38g carbs and 20g protein

Breakfast 9:45 a.m.
5 eggs 350 calories 22.5g fat 5g carbs 30g protein
5 slices of ham 35 calories 1.5g fat 1g carbs and 4g protein
slice of cheese 70 calories 6g fat 0g carbs 5g protein
ketchup 30 calories 0g fat 8g carbs and 0g protein

Lunch 1:00 p.m.
2 peices of chicken 200 calories 0g carbs 0g fat 46g protein

Post-Lunch 3:00 p.m.
1/2 energy bar 140 calories 2.5g fat 19g carbs 10g protein
popcorn 160 calories 4g carbs 10g fat 0g protein

Dinner 5:34 p.m.
2 peices of chicken 200 calories 0g carbs 0g fat 46g protein

total for day 1

1465 calories 47.5g fat 75g carbs and 161g protein

i drank 1.37 gallons of water today. i was starving!!

Day 2

Breakfast 10:30 a.m.
4 eggs 280 calories 18g fat 4g carbs 24g protein
2.5 slices of ham 17.5 calories .75g fat .5g carbs 2.25g protein

Post-Breakfast 12:05 p.m.
energy bar 280 calories 5g fat 38g carbs 20g protein

Lunch 2:00p.m.
2 slices of chicken 200 calories 0g fat 0g carbs 46g protein

as of lunch i have 603 calories left 12g fat 57g carbs and 108g protein

Post-Lunch 4:46p.m.
energy bar 280 calories 5g fat 38g carbs 20g protein

Dinner 6:00p.m.
2 slices of chicken 200 calories 0g fat 0g carbs 46g protein

totals for day 2
calories 1377 fat 43g carbs 81g protein 151g
i drank 1.1 gallons of water. not as hungry today.


We need more information.. How much do you weigh right now? How tall and old are you?

Other people here can probably offer you some great specific advice, but a few things I notice:

Where are the veggies? Obviously from the foods you're eating you're trying for a very low carb diet; but green veggies don't have that many carbs and will give you not just a ton of nutrients and fiber, but also actually let you feel full!

For example, rather than just a bunch of plain chicken breasts, eat em on a fatty bed of spinach with a sprinkling of nuts and some vingear. I guarentee you you'll get sick of it about 10x slower than just eating plain chicken. :slightly_smiling:


Your daily calorie totals are dangerously low. The only way those would be acceptable is if you are 4'-2" tall. It's one thing to want to lose fat- but at those levels say goodbye to both muscle and metabolism. Both of which will make a prompt exit- leaving behind only fat, so in the end you'll just be skinny fat, with most likely a higher body fat level than you have now. But if all you want to do is see the scale drop, this would be the way to do it.

Good luck with that...


i did eat some green beans with garlic oil and lemon juice on day 3. i havent added that yet. also i dont know how much i weigh right now. ill let you know by the end of the week.


will i lose muscle if im on Testosterone and a fat burner?


No. But your head will explode if you eat .9 of a banana.


Not necessarily. John Berardi has told us that people who are more overweight can lose much more weight without risk of losing muscle. So, depends on how large he is. Also, if he took a fat burner like HOT-ROX it could help limit muscle loss, if there is even anything to worry about.



Yes but if he's THAT over weight then he would lose a ton at a much higher intake.

I agreee that is WAY to damn low to start, ( that said with no info. given) still unless you are a virtual Umpa Lumpa you need more total k/cals, a LOT more veggies, and some fats.

Give us more info to get real help,


well for some info i am 5'5" and i need to lose about 40-50lbs.


Yes. You'll even lose muscle on HOT-ROX, just slower.

Yes necessarily. Even JB would say this guy is starving himself. I do agree very overweight people can afford to lose quicker, but that is completely independent of their calorie intake. I'm not as concerned with his muscle loss, really. He obviously has weight loss a priority- that's fine.

What the real problem is with starving yourself is the affect it has on your metabolism. After a couple weeks of this diet he is going to start dropping weight. Some fat sure, but also some muscle. So immediately his maintenance calories will drop. If he keeps at the same intake, his weight loss will slow down. Over time his maintenance will keep dropping. So if he ever goes off this "diet" and eats normal, he will automatically be eating way over maintenance, even at a level he thought was ok before. This is the fundamental definition of yo-yo dieting.

The trick to dieting is to keep your muscle and metabolism intact, so when the diet is "over", you can resume normal eating without the fear of instant weight gain.

Some info, sure. How old are you? How do you know you "need" to lose 40-50 lbs? Most people either underestimate or overestimate what they need to lose. How much do you actually weigh? Any clue as to your approximate bodyfat level?

Do yourself a favor and get educated so you don't have to wing this.


Agreed more info and educate your self. One messed up cutting diet can side track years of progress very quickly if done less than smart. with just a little info we could help a ton.


would hiring a nutritionist be a good idea?


That's a tough call. I wouldn't personally do it, as I'm a control freak and a very picky eater. If you don't mind being "told" what to do rather than figuring it out for yourself, then visiting a nutritionist might be the way to go. When I first got diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor "made" me go visit one (standard procedure and a requirement of my insurance company apparently, plus I didn't know any better at the time).

This fat chick I saw had no clue about overall nutrition. She wanted me to cut out a lot of fat and concentrate mostly on "good" carbs. She actually said protein was not important and that most people get plenty with just regular food. There is some truth to that, but really protein intake is so important for both fat loss and muscle growth that you can't just ignore it anh hope you get enough. In hindsight I think it was just her way of saying the Atkin's diet sucked (the example she used), not that I wanted to do it- but that was the time it was very popular.

I had a bad experience, but if you find the right person it could be beneficial. I still think you can find better information on here.


is there a way i can find out how many calories i need a day depending on my weight, body fat, height and how active i am?


Are you serious?
1465 calories on the same day you workout? This diet is gonna make you lose muscle if ANYTHING.
Try adding in more calories from protein and some good fats.
Even if you're going for a low carb diet,you should still eat most of your carbs in your breakfast meal and a little with dinner so you don't get those late night cravings.For example:
Have about 35-55 carbs for breakfast,then lunch and snacks will be low carb,then dinner have 35 carbs and before bed last snack can be good fats and protein.


i found a website that broke everything down for me. does this look accurate?

Your bodyweight is 120 kilograms.

Step 1 - BMR Based On Weight

For Men: 1 x 120 Kg x 24 = 2885

Step 2 - BMR With Bodyfat Percentage Calculation

Taking your bodyfat percentage into account, your adjusted BMR is 2452 calories per day. This is equal to 102 calories per hour.

Step 3 - Total Daily Calories Burned

Adding in your activity level, we times your BMR by 1.65. This means that your approximate total calories burned each day is 4046.

Step 4 - Macronutrient Breakdown In YOUR Diet

Now that we know how many total calories need to be consumed each day, where do the calories come from? Based on your BMR, Activity Level and Athletic Category you need:

Protein Grams: 264 Grams Per Day.
Protein Calories: 1056 Protein Calories Per Day.

Fat Grams: 67 Grams Per Day.
Fat Calories: 607 Protein Calories Per Day.

Carbohydrate Grams: 596 Grams Per Day.
Carbohydrate Calories: 2383 Carb Calories Per Day.

now if i start losing weight on this daily intake should i start entering my new weight and checking what i need every month?


You probably won't lose much weight on 4000 cal/day. That is actually too much. What you need to do is actually try and find your maintenance level. The level at which you neither gain nor lose weight from day to day. I would venture to say, based on your stats and activity that it's somewhere in the mid 3500's.

Just a guess really, but it's a place to start. Try that for a while and see how you do. If you gain weight, it's too much, if you lose weight it's too little. Try to just maintain for a week or so. Then slowly drop the calories by about 500. Aim for a 1-2 lb loss each week, and no more. It's fun to see the scale drop, sure, but if it drops too quick you're losing muscle.


What about the velocity diet? As a FFB, it is recommended that one gets "shredded" before attempting a bulking diet, and calculated correctly, my daily calories should be around 1400.

Isn't that the principle of the VD? Is this going to be the "one" cutting diet that messes up my metabolism for good? (Like losing 40 lbs by not eating... ie: the wrong way; like every other FFB hasnt screwed me up already).


by the looks of my diet i dont think i really ever eat more than 3000 calories when i dont watch what i eat.

Day 3
Pre-Breakfast 9:51a.m.
energy bar 280 calories 5g fat 38g carbs 20g protein

Breakfast 11:00a.m.
4eggs 280 calroies 18g fat 4g carbs 24g protein
2 1/2 slices ham 17.5 calories .75g fat 5g carbs 2.25g protein
tbsp oil 120 calories 14g fat 0g carbs 0g protein
bread 130 calories 0g fat 26g carbs 5g protein

Lunch 1:00p.m.
Subway sandwhich 6" 330 calories 5g fat 47g carbs 24g protein

Post-Lunch 2:15a.m.
energy bar 280 calories 5g fat 38g carbs 20g protein

2chickens 200calores 4g fat 0g carbs 40g protein
1/2cup green beans 20calories 0gfat 4g carbs 0g protein

Protein Shake 100calories 0gfat 0g carbs 23g protein

calories 1758 52g fat 162g carbs 160g protein
drank 1.1 gallons of water had an apple and a banana.


i guess i was following the principles of the Velocity diet without knowing it....