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My Road to Elite, Part 2


Former log: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/my_road_to_elite

When I first started my log I had been training for just under 7 months (I'm now 2 months shy of 2 years training). I was 172 pounds and had a best squat of 375, bench 225, and deadlift 455. I felt as though I was having difficulty progressing at the rate I felt I should, and was having difficulty finding a program that suited me.

A couple of months later I found Sheiko and started making some good progress. A shoulder injury on 9/9/09 slowed things down a bit, but overall I was pleased with my 1436 pound total at the USAPL Wisconsin State Open in the 198's on 1/30/10 in single ply.

Currently I am working with Mike Tuchscherer on an 18 week prep for the USAPL Badger Open where I hope to hit 1575+ to quality for Men's Open Nationals.

While I definitely have a goal of hitting an elite total, more than anything I wish to exploit whatever ability I may have and become the best lifter I can be while not compromising my life outside of the gym. In short, I plan to work extremely hard, and achieve some sporting dreams.

I put in a lot of hours for 17 years trying to become a nationally competitive golfer, now all of that energy is going into lifting where I think I have a better chance.

This log is not only to help me hold myself accountable for the drudgery that is recovery work/GPP, but also to enter my workouts so that I might continue to get some extraordinary advice from people that know better. I will not name people for fear of missing someone, but I can think of quite a few people off the top of my head that have made a huge difference in my lifting.

I welcome any advice, suggestions, with the understanding there is no guarantee I will be able to incorporate it immediately. Also, please feel free to ask any questions about exercises, programming, etc. Don't worry about "clogging" up my log, very happy to help if I am able.

Meet Results:

First meet: 2/28/09, gym meet (raw), weighed 175

Squat: 340, 370, 400x
Bench: 210, 230x, 230x
Deadlift: 440, 470, 485x
Total: 1050 (5 for 9)

Second meet: 6/20/09 USAPL Badger Open (single ply), weighed 177.5

Squat: 457, 484, 507
Bench: 225, 248, 259
Deadlift: 440, 474, 501
Total: 1267 (9 for 9) [Wilks: 390.7]

Third meet: 1/30/10 USAPL Wisconsin State Open (single ply), weighed 194.85

Squat: 573, 606x, 606
Bench: 275, 286, 303x
Deadlift: 507, 545, 562x
Total: 1438 (6 for 9) [Wilks: 420.47]

Fourth meet: 6/12/10 USAPL Badger Open (single ply), weighed 197.3

Squat: 595x, 595, 628
Bench: 297, 314, 325x
Deadlift: 523, 551, 562x
Total: 1493 (6 for 9) [Wilks: 433.73]

By the end of this log I shall have a respectable bench!! Let the fun/suffering begin!


I will miss the old one


Ahhh hell, let's make the new one better.

In addition, I have 45 pages to hit an elite total or I have to have a my road to elite part 3 edition . . . would like to have a new thread title for the next log edition.


Your avatar is creepy and quite disturbing - almost nightmare-inducing.


Everyone knows the sequel is never as good as the original, that's why you need to make it better! Good to see you are keeping it going.


Check out the show "Community" and the avatar will remain creepy and disturbing but will make sense. On second thought, it may not make sense. I'll try my best to explain. A community college wanted a completely inoffensive mascot, something that would be so generic that it couldn't possibly offend anyone. And what you get is something that is so hideous it is almost certain to offend. I enjoy irony.


So just do the opposite of Caddyshack 2.


Shit, I wanted the first response....

Im sure youll be elite status in no time!


Yeah I know it, but Alkoholik was pretty damn fast. Next time!

That sure would be awesome. Squatting 700, deadlifting 660, and benching over 300 in a shirt, that will be fun!


Week 8, Day 2

Fat bar bench +50lb. chains (21 links)

Conventional deadlift (no belt)

Tricep pushdowns + mini band


Barbell rows

Things were feeling really good on bench, so I decided to be pretty aggressive. 205 was harder than I bargained for, but regardless my lockout strength is improving.

Not crazy about my form on conventional deadlifts, so I played it really conservative. The estimated max on deadlifts come out to ~476, which is 1 pound more than I ever did on conventional deadlift, kind of funny.

Really looking forward to the sessions on Friday and Sunday.


Glad to hear your shoulder and lock out strength are doing well. Any other nagging issues?

Friday and Sunday huh.. well looks like I have to stay tuned in

Good shit man, keep it up.. 700lb squat, ugh that would be awesome


Left shoulder has been holding steady at about 90-95% last week or so. Left hip loves getting tight, and doesn't always want to loosen up. But all in all, holding up pretty darn well. I think I've got some good ideas to improve my shoulder some more, and I think I'm figuring some stuff out on the hip. I've been using some tennis balls to get in the nooks and crannies of the hips, especially the hip flexors, I feel like I'm breaking up some adhesions.

The 700 pound squat will fall before I move up another weight class.


Week 8, Day 3

Pause squat (no belt)

CG pin bench (1/2 way up, #13 & black bench)

DB Skullcrushers

Hanging leg raises

Hand walk
2x60 sec.

Not a great day on squats but not particularly concerned. Been awhile since I've had a bar on my back and I think the squat will be coming back with a vengeance. Plus I could tell a brutal week of school and work had taken a little bit of a toll. Sunday will be better.

Edit: I realized I've had a bar on my back much more recently, 11 days ago I was doing high pin squats. Dagger!


Don't be alarmed by the pause squats... That is the way it goes when you transition from less specific to more specific. I would be a train wreck if I went 11 days without a bar on my back. They will comeback back fast. And because you didn't beat yourself into the ground you can look forward to your next session and know you will blow this performance away!


The human beings are friggin creepy. Nice to know I'm not the only one watching Community.


You make a lot of damn sense, my personal training log voice of reason. Going to squat well tomorrow . . .

Are the hips starting to loosen up?


What great news! They are creepy as hell but a truly funny show.


Week 8, Day 4

Squat (no belt)

Bench (paused)

Deadlift (no belt)


Barbell Rows

Inverted Rows

Will post video soon. Pretty good overall. Was disappointed with my stability on squats, I actually think it is more a strength out of the bottom issue than it is a core strength issue.

Bench was a very nice surprise today, I think it is moving pretty well! Last time I did a pause bench was Week 1/Day 2 and my top set was 4x205@9.5.


Yeah it is surprising how fast the mobility drills start to help. I squatted pretty well last week ending with 475 for a triple. And I deadlifted for the first time in close to 2 years! That was a great video you posted of the mobility drills.


Really glad to hear this man, awesome!