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My Road to Big and Ripped

I have been keeping a log on another site for about four or five weeks so I figured I would just copy it here. I am 18 years old, 6’, 193lbs, I started working out at 236lbs and fat, dropped to 175lbs, realized that if I wanted to get ripped I would have to get smaller so I just started to eat a ton of really clean foods to get bigger about 11 weeks ago and I have made a lot of progress, bf% has gone from 17.5% to 14% and I have gained 18lbs.

I have been on this routine for about 5 weeks and I like it.


280lbs, 10x3, I am deadlifting at this little weight because I can’t grip that much but I am doing plate pinchers at the end of workouts to help with that.

BB Bench

250lbs, 4x5,1x4, I on the last set I could only get it half way without the spotter pulling it back up.

DB Rows

110lbs, 4x6


32.5lbs, 4x6


275lbs, 3x12

10 sprints.


305lbs, 10x3


120lbs, 5x5, my chest is really sore.

Pull Ups

32.5lbs, 4x6

Bent Over Rows

135lbs, 3x12,11,10, it was just killing me.

Military Press

110lbs, 3x12

30 minute walk on Thursday.

Today was pretty beastly.

Back Squats

305lbs, 10x3

Incline BB Bench

200lbs, 4x6

T-Bar Rows

175lbs, 5x5, I’m going to jump up 2.5lbs next time instead of five because it was a lot harder than usual and I don’t think I will be able to do 180lbs 5x5.

Tigerbend Pushups

BW+55lbs, 3x12

One arm preacher curls

45lbs, 4x6.

10 sprints


285lbs, 10x3

BB Bench

250lbs, 5x5

DB Rows

110lbs, 4x6


BW+35lbs, 4x6


280lbs, 3x12

10 Sprints