My Road to 315 and 135

Hey guys, I am new to the forum and hope to gain knowledge about strength training from you all. I have been training consistently for about a year now and these are my numbers as of today (lbs):

Squat 235x6
DL 275x3 ; 245x6
Press 100x5
Bench press 120x6

Height 5’7
Weight 165
21 years old

I am following Jonnie Candito’s LP program for the remainder of my semester (about 7 weeks) at which point I will attempt a 2 or 3RM for squat and DL (probably not bench or press since I am so weak there). I want to hit 315x6 in squat and DL before the fall semester starts in August (will linear progression work for this long??). I also want to bench press 135x6 paused reps by that time as well as 135x6 press.

I do track macros because if I do not I will not eat the amount I need to.
Daily macros:

3100 cal
110g fat
325g carb
200g pro

I’ll post my progress week to week and probably some video if I can figure that out.

Thanks! I think I will learn a lot on this forum