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My Rippetoe


Hey guys, I recently started rippetoe (about 2 weeks ago).
I wanted to put up a new log for me to record progress.

Try not to laugh at my numbers :stuck_out_tongue:
I am a complete new guy to lifting weights.

My stats:
I am 5.9
I weigh 156 pounds

For the moments these are the numbers I can put up.

Deadlift: 170 pounds
Squat: 165 pounds
Benchpress: 120 pounds

Military press: 66 pounds
powerclean: 75 pounds

I hope to get these numbers up in a balanced way. Since I am completely new to lifting weights, I am trying to go up by 5 pounds orso each training and for the moment this is working just fine.

If you guys have any thaughts or tips let me know.
I have got a nice guide to the rippetoe program and I hope to get some nice progess.

Thnx for the read!


Good idea, I’d like to see what kind of strength gains you make on this. Everyone seems to have great results on this.

Good luck,



I’ll keep you posted, probably going to put up some info every week orso.
This way I get through the Cycle each time and I can see how far I can go with it :slight_smile:


Keep the squat ahead of the deadlift if you can maintain good form. In other words, if you are deadlifting every 9-10 days and adding 20 pounds to your squat in that amount of time, add 20 pounds each time to your deadlift. If you don’t miss any workouts for 2 months and eat enough food you will be amazed with your progress. Best of luck!


I see, keep the squat higher than the deadlift.
I thaught it was the other way around, that one should Deadlift more weight then squat :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah newbie mistakes :wink:


I meant deadlift ahead of the squat, SORRY!


Glad you cleared that up, I was “thinking what the hell?” but then you changed it.



Ow ok, thnx for the info then I was doing the right thing :smiley:


[quote]London Runner wrote:
Glad you cleared that up, I was “thinking what the hell?” but then you changed it.


A lot of stupidity comes out of me during finals week. Sorry about the confusion.


hehe, today I was able to put up these numbers:

Deadlift: 176 pounds
Squat: 170.5
Benchpress: 123.5 pounds

I did feel my entire back contract during the Deadlift, especially the upper back.
I also did feel some contraction in the lower back area.

I this “normal” to feel or should I be feeling nothing in the lower back area ?
My Technique could be crap so I am going to get my friend to film it.

The squat put me through some rough moments in the upper legs but not that I was too stressed about it, also going to film it and work on some more technique.


[quote]ude garame wrote:
I this “normal” to feel or should I be feeling nothing in the lower back area ?
My Technique could be crap so I am going to get my friend to film it.


Do you mean in the errectors or actually the lower back (spine), if it was the errectors, that should be fine, as long as they’re not doing the bulk of the work.

If it’s the spine, then I would suggest you re-read the technical info on the deadlift in the Starting Strength book, and see if you can locate what the problem is. With 32 pages on the deadlift, it should be in there somewhere, right?



ok thnx for the info.
I will be filming my squat tonight and my deadlift next workout.

I will then see if I can put 'em on youtube or something.


You can attach videos to your post here.



ow ok thnx :slight_smile:


Let’s see if my video works


if the video above does not work, here is a link to youtube.

And sorry for the crappy quality :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d suggest stepping backwards out of the rack so you can rerack by stepping forward. This is a lot safer.

As for your form, work on depth and focus on starting the movement at the hips not the knees.

You are on the right track.


Sorry to tell you this man, but your Video tells me that you have not read anything in Starting Strength apart from the actual workout program. There are several crucial flaws in your form. I know there’s like 30 pages of information just on the Squat, but it is very USEFUL information.

Get your form right, or it will only lead to injury.



This is where I have gotten my program from.
What are those crucial flaws because I do not own the book, so tell me where I am going horribly wrong.

And thnx donpalmero, I’ll keep it in mind to rack from the other side.


Give me a an hour or so, let me scan some pages and pictures from the book, but just a few to point out to begin with;

1/ You depth is not enough when squatting, which will lead to excess pressure on your knees over time and lead to injury.

2/ Also due to not going deep enough, your quads are doing the bulk of the work and this means that your hamstrings and glutes are not firing for the exercise.

3/ You also have a forward lean when you squat, meaning there’s more weight coming down on the anterior chain which will lead to an off balance effect. When coming down properly, there will be an even distribution of weight between the anterior and prosterior chain.

4/ The bar is too high on your back, it looks like it is resting on the upper traps/back of neck, which is a little too high, it should be slightly lower down around the middle traps/rear delts.

5/ It also looks like the grip on the BB is too wide, although I can’t really tell from the angle.

These are just the problems that I can see, there could be more, but I would have to see a video from the front angle to show heel width, foot position etc…

Seriously though, try to get the book if you can, it really does help with fixing a lot of the problems.