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my right is bigger then the left?

No, not my nuts, my right side of my body is bigger then the left. What do you guys do to make sure you’re applying equal force when you lift something. I have to fix this somehow and am going to do some searching for the solution but, my question was how do i make sure im pushing as hard as i am with my left as i am with my right? Any advice on article names would be great.

One more thing. Is this a big deal if i’m not looking to body build. The imballance isn’t huge but i can notice it. Thanks.


do more reps for your left side.

Use DBs for all upper body work. Do one-legged exercises for the lower body.

Check out everything that Ian King has written on this site, as it’s the most applicable to what you want to do.

Having shoulder troubles I have noticed the same (and can feel the pump difference) during some exercises. Luckily, there hasnt been a large imbalance created.

While dumbbells do require you to lift the same amount of weight with each arm, you (just as with a bar exercise) have to insure that your form is proper and that you are centered in the middle with your elbows the same distance and angle from your torso, etc. You can imagine that a 100lb dumbbell press works the muscles a bit differently if you have your elbow close in to your body or if you have it 90 degrees to your torso.

My advise is to not necessarily do more reps for the other body part, but rather focus on “squeezing” the weaker side. Concentrate on insuring the proper form.