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My Review of NPP-8 Week Cycle


As I am currently coming to the end of 8 weeks on NPP, I thought I would throw up a review on it. This is the second compound I have used beyond test cypionate/suspension. I’ve been competing in powerlifting for seven years now, at the moment only benching. I did 450@220 raw bench in May of 2017, and am gunning for 500 hopefully soon.

Beginning Stats: Before starting NPP, I was holding 223 lbs. on 750mg. test cypionate per week, somewhere between 14 and 20% bodyfat if I had to guess. I elected to throw in NPP at 600mg a week, injected 100 mg. ED except Sunday. I was looking for additional hypertrophy and possible joint/tendon pain relief, as this was an issue for me over the summer.

Positive Effects/Timeframe: NPP kicked in fast. I noticed visual differences by day 10, in terms of much increased fullness in the pecs and roundness of delts. This effect has continued to this day-pecs, traps, delts look wayyyy better than on test alone. Seemed to even improve quad sweep somehow, which is cool. Gym performance didn’t seem to be any different. I did not notice the purported joint pain relief aspects, which was disappointing. Contrary to popular opinion, nandrolone did not have a negative effect on libido. If anything, the combination of test and nandro had a synergistic effect on libido-it was greater than on test alone. Never had any problems whatsoever with sexual performance.

Negative Effects: After about 4 weeks, water retention became an issue. As my weight began to increase, there was very clearly a film of water which covered my abs and chest. So the visually appealing effects don’t last as the water comes in. I was not able to fight the water either through AI, prolactin control, diet, etc. It just comes with the territory.

Additional Drugs- When I added nandrolone to my test, I increased my Arimidex dosage from 1mg twice weekly to 1mg 3 times a week. Nandrolone does aromatize on its own, and some believe that 19-nor compounds make the body hyper-sensitive to estrogen problems. I used the P5P version of B6 to combat prolactin issues, but to be honest no such problems ever occurred. I had pramipexole on hand, but did not use it.

Overall Impression: I think NPP is a good drug. It’s very easy to use, improves the aesthetic quality of the body (for a while), and definitely builds muscle beyond test alone. My bodyweight moved from 223 all the way up to 240 even, and I don’t think I added any fat at all-but there was a ton of water. I can say that the rapid weight gain has made me more sluggish in day-to-day life. I also did not perceive any joint-pain relief effect. Everything that hurt before still hurts and I managed to bang up new stuff while on NPP.

Final Thoughts: NPP will get you bigger and fuller real quick. I like to think of this as the “Lex Luger” drug. If you remember what all the WWF guys looked like in the early '90s, big full pecs, round shoulders, but always carrying water over the muscle-that’s what this drug does. Negative side effects were minimal, for me at least. If I could get rid of the water and get some joint help, it would be a perfect drug-I would never come off. Moving forward, I’m going to try trenbolone for the next 8 weeks going into my next bench meet and then after that, perhaps EQ in the offseason.

Any questions, ask away.


Tren is freaking awesome but it does come with its own sides. Night sweats were the number one for me to the point of staining some perfectly good sheets. The constant hunger, drops in blood sugar, to name a few more.

Be careful if you give it a try. My wife will not let me use it anymore. Apparently it changed my temperament significantly.


May have to hold off on trying anything new for a bit. Managed to jack up my left shoulder/pec/ something benching last night. No bruising or swelling, but it’s definitely going to keep me from putting anything on the bar. Have to hope it heals quickly.

I have to reiterate, I don’t feel like nandrolone did anything for my joint and tendon health. I get that it doesn’t make you indestructible, but I did not notice any improvement in that category; I had plenty of strains and pains.


Typically the effects from NPP or deca on joints aren’t seen unless the test dosage is kept low. Testosterone has the opposite effect on tendons as it downregulates collegan synthesis while nandrolone increases it. When I use nandrolone for collegan benefits I keep test at 200 or lower a week.


I have a coach who runs 400test and 600npp a week. He loves it. I on the other hand have prolactin progesterone sides, or at least a sensitivity to them. I really want to run NPP deca but the side scare the fuck out of me. Especially Tren. The Nectar.


I run 2-300 mg a week of test and 450-600 deca when I use it. No issues.


Your a lucky man


Hey so speaking in terms of drugs fun, what do you think would be better in addition to what I listed above. I have dbol 20mg tabs 100 of them, sdrol 10mg tabs like 75 of them or throw Tren e 200mg 10mls of that. And I have some adrol about 14 50mg tabs I believe. When I used it last I only went up to 50mg Ed.


I’m not sure if this will make any sense but I’m kinda going crazy… I had never tried NPP but was really excited based on all that I read. So:

Almost 8 weeks ago I started NPP w/Test, 100mg each EOD.

6 weeks in: Zippo! No response at all!

So, I wrote my guy, bewildered to be seeing NOTHING, and he said most guys run 600 NPP/week.

So I upped my dose to 200 NPP and 125 Test EOD.

It’s been two weeks of that, and I’ve actually LOST 2 lbs.!

My appetite has not increased and I’m stuffing myself with quality food, shakes etc… I don’t get it. I’m now wondering if the stuff is bogus. Does this make sense to anyone out there? Really frustrating!

I’m 5’9, 204 (or rather 202 as of today), pretty solid but don’t know BF%. I hear I look good but I don’t see it and was really hoping to at least hit 210 on this cycle. Now I don’t know if I should keep trying or just chuck it and assume I was had.

Any feedback would be most appreciated! Thanks!


You should be seeing results by now. And you should also be feeling them. If you’re getting nothing—no gains, no sides—then I’d venture that your gear is bunk.