My Review Of BBB Beefcake

True, but I’d say that is the toughest of any 531 program I’ve done. You have two all out sets (one at the top weight, one at FSL weight) followed by a pretty tough 5 round circuit of ring dips, pull ups, and snatches. Especially if you weight vest the circuit. Others that rely on 5’s PRO and BBB don’t come close to the intensity, but are more doable for the long run.

I’m thinking of giving it another go as the strength part of with TB conditioning at some point in the near future. I actually won’t even do the entire 2 rounds of a leader, 1 round of an anchor with it. Just a single 3-week block will be plenty.


he refers to himself as sentient farm machinery… with good reason

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@hogar Much appreciated once again.

@antiquity I’ve given it a look before. Definitely looks interesting. Hasn’t factored into my training plans, but it’s not ruled out. Something decent when short on time I’m sure.

did you do 5/3/1 pros or 5/3/1 AMRAP as the main work? The online article doesnt specify which jim calls for

It doesn’t specify which, but Jim talks about needing to balance the main work with the supplemental work. Since the supplemental work is hard, the main work has to be easy, so I used 5s pro. You could also just do bare minimums (so 5 reps on 5s week, 3 on 3s, 1 on 1s: no PR sets) if you REALLY wanted to conserve energy.

Ok i was thinking 5 PROS made the most sense. As im sure FSL of the 1s week sucked at 5x10

Those were definitely the challenging weeks, which is what I dug about the program and why I ran it 3/5/1. You get a little dip in the intensity right before you hit it HARD. Good time to get in the food.

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@T3hPwnisher you are a fu… beast! I read this thread and it´s absolutely amazing. Sorry for bumping this thread up. It´s not my intention to annoy anyone but this is freaking awesome

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Hey thanks man! I appreciate that