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My return to weights

Hey guys,
Im 17 years old. I trained for exactly 9 months before I quit lifting. Made awesome gains.
I stopped lifting due to the start of my wrestling season which went great. I used the past-tense since I was just diagnosed with mono.

SO now that I have WAY too much time on my hands I’m looking to find a new lifting program that fits my needs. I’m looking for a “functional” strength program(though hypertrophy wouldn’t be bad…). Being a wrestler I need strong legs, and huge back, and decent arms with a focus on bis(basically everything but strong pecs).

SO my question is, after being out so long what program should I use to maximize my strength gains?

Let me know what you guys think, and thanks for the help in advance.

Check out Renegade Training and the Renegade Forum. Coach Davies has programs for wrestlers, and that would be right up your alley.

Hey bro,

Nice to hear you are back… I think A program with compound movements like squats, dead, bench, power clean and press, and chins would be excellant choices of exercises for your program. Now take those exercises and make a 5x5 program with them three times a week… and apply a HST type periodization program to it when it comes to weights used. and I think you would have one hell of a program.

any questions for me just ask


I agree 100% with Nate Dogg Renegade Training would be the best work-out for you.

Good advice given above. Lots of big compound movements with low reps and olympic movements for explosive power. The Bear would be a great exercise for you. Renegade training would be great too. High Octane Cardio would be a good idea as next season approaches.

Good luck!

thanks so far