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My Results on Complete Power Look Program


Hey guys!

So last week I completed CT's power look program(or rather to the best of my ability). Really proud of myself as some of you know it is not easy! Anyways the program works!

Lil background.. For about a year and a half I was cutting weight, from 320 down to about 250. When I started this program I was actually GAINING weight at 2400 calories a day which shouldn't be the case at 6'5, 250 lbs. Anyways it was suggested to me I try and increase my overall strength because it was getting pathetic. Also I won't lie, I was neglecting leg day a bit because as a tall lifter with injuries that shit hurts! No Excuses!

Anyways I found CT's program and decided to just stick with my poverty macros of 2400 calories since I'm pretty sure my metabolism is fucked. Anyways I used to be a pretty strong dude so I'm sure some of this is muscle memory/cns but people that saw me before and after the program said I look a lot leaner, not sure if it's that or muscle growth(looking at those traps in pic 4)

Anyways here's what happened

32 years old, 6'5
Start weight - 253
End weight - 262

Bench Start - 225, End - 265
Front Squat - 205, End - 275
Deadlift - 315, End - 365
Push Press - 205, End - 240

Anyways like I said. I think I actually got leaner here despite gaining weight(all LBM gain?) Like I said up above I know my calories seem fucked.

I'd like to hit another cycle starting in 2 weeks and add some energy system work to try and lean out a bit but I'm unsure if this is the best method.

Any advice or thoughts?


yes, you lost on the belly, but muscularly I do not see any obvious difference.
Continuing you're on the right path, patience and determination :wink:)



The guy added 9lbs...
Added a total of 195lbs on 4 lifts (average of almost 50lbs per lift)...
Visually lost fat...

Considering these 3 things it's impossible not that have added plenty of muscle.

The OP is 6'5" (close to 2m) and pictures always make you look flatter and less defined, so it is obfviously harder to see a drastic change in muscularity


Keep improving! Good work!


Congrats on your impressive gains in strength! I'm expecting my strength gains to be similar to yours based on my first 6 weeks of power look. Great program.

If body comp and continued development of the power look and improved body comp is your goal, I'd suggest doing CTs Built for Bad somewhere down the road. At the time the program came out CT said he it got him to his best combination of size, strength and leanness. I ran the program and had great results using front squat, bench press, snatch grip high pulls, weighted pull-ups and push presses. Liked it because you get in, work hard and fast and get out.

If it were me I'd do a few weeks at lower volume or intensity before jumping into another program. Good luck to you!


Great job!!
Your 6'5 so 1 lb of muscle isn't as noticed as someone who is 5'3! It's still great progress and you def got leaner!


That's great progress for two months!! You visually changed and for someone so tall that's a hell of a change! Condolences on losing the killer chops, though :frowning:


Thanks for the support guys. I took some pictures in better light.. they're probably more "honest" so to speak. Also was bloated as hell here from food. Either way I am going to start another cycle of the power look program next Monday. I will add some energy work per CT's suggestions and try to continue eating 2500 calories a day with about 350g of protein a day.




oh yes, the first photos do not show much tone physical lol
Here we can see the carcass you have, hueee.
there is a to sculpt of the matter

(sorry for translation :-(( )


In another thread CT advised against doing two cycles back to back:

I personally would not recommend 2 cycles back to back. Ideally you'd take 1 VERY easy week (even 1 week without training) then 2-4 weeks of a neurologically less demanding program (rypical bodybuilding work for example).


I agree with that. Then if you wish to start a new cycle you might want to try my 915 program which is similar but has enough differences to continue giving you gains.


Glad you agree because I was quoting you from other thread :slightly_smiling:


good progress
I thought it was bad progress at first but then I saw you were 6'5 and 260 pounds, its harder to see muscle gain for someone thats 6'5


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Lol... thanks for the input guys.

Anyways... going to do CT's 915 program starting the week after next. I was going to start this week but I have a lot of shit coming up that weekend.

I'll report back in a day or so with my exact plan for at least the first phase of the program. I know for sure I'll be doing power cleans as I'm not comfortable with the snatch(hehe phrasing).

Here are the macros I'll be using. Again my goal is to increase my strength and lower my bodyfat if possible. I was gaining weight at around 2500 calories before but this seems to have evened out. CT suggests 10% over maintenance in the power look program but I def did not eat that much.


GRAMS per day 185.7 314.4 83.8 52 - 66 2755