My Results on Complete Power Look Program (CPLP)

Hi Thib

I just finish the CPLP 10 days ago; I must say that I have never trained with such high 1RM percentages. So, aside the proper complexity of working with such loads I also had zero experience with training as heavy as that.

I end up gaining around 4 pounds of muscle, and lots of fat since I had to eat A LOT to stand the loads and recovery; right now I am around 240 pounds! The gains were not huge, but were nice and end up using weights I have never thought I could

Deadlift 44 pounds
Front squat 46 pounds
Bench Press 21 pounds
Push Press 24 pounds

Getting such nice gains its very rewarding. I am now planning to start a four 3-month phases of training. Will keep you posted

As always: Thanks!