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My results - 2on/4off

Finished my 2week cycle 3 days ago. Lbm gain 12lbs, all water-retention is gone, and I have a very lean, muscular look compared to pre-cycle.
I implemented a 12week/4phase program inspired by Ian King’s book How to Write Strength Training Programs, and started the last phase of this program at the beginning of my cycle.
Gains - Bench: 40lbs on 3RM, Squat: 50lbs on 3RM, Deadlift: 60lbs on 3RM!!! Arms: 2" circumference gain.
I used 750mg of Sust on day1, and used 50mg of D-bol up until day 12. I started on Winstrol at 50mg/day (triple dose day 1) but had to quit day 6 due to extreme pain from injections, fevers and generally feeling very sick… (could be fake?). I don’t have Clomid, but I’m doing 40mg/morning (B.Roberts recommendations) of D-bol to aid endogenous T recovery.
I’m extremely satisfied with the results, to say the least!!!

What did your training program look like?

This was the last phase of a 12wk program, as mentioned, and went something like this:
Day 1: Bench 3 sets of 3 (step-loading) set4: multiple triples and singles with 10-20s of rest (cluster training), finishing with incline DB 1 triple-drop set and 1 set of 21s. Biceps: 2 sets of 3 (step-loading) 1 set of clusters, 1 set of 21s.
Day 2: Squats 3 sets of 3 (step-loading) 3 reps of heavy partials, 1 set of 10 explosive reps, 1 set of 15.
Rest on day 3.
Day 4: Chins and JM-presses: same as Day 1
Day 5: Deadlift same as Day 2.
Rest day 6 and 7. Repeat.

Calves, Abs trained on Days 2 and 5. Forearms and Rotator Cuffs on Days 1 and 4. One session of passive stretching during the weekend (Day 6 or 7).
Protein in the range of 1.3-1.5 times bodyweight in lbs.
Carb/Protein/Fat 30/40/30%.
If you need any other info, just ask.