My Restarting Thread

havent lifted in almost 4 months and started up today again old maxes once stopped bench 455 touch and go deadlift 550 pretty quick could get 575 above the top of my knee and squated 545 with belt and knee wraps pretty easy but failed 600 weight 240

goals be ready for a lift competition in november and get to 500 by july kinda a stretch but I hope

today first day back in bench day
put 365 pretty easy but failed 385 not use to heavy weight should hurt some
flat bench 5x315,4x315 just missed 5th, 3x315
incline press 8x205 6x225 6x225
fly’s 8x65 8x65 8x65
two sets of burn out push ups
150 reps of varies abs and 30 mintues on a bike
weight 247 and chest killen me felt so good to be back feel like a punk for so long on comming back

this thread was ment for me returning so title is kinda of but others welcome to list as well

elliptical 310 calories in 12 mintues 10 mintue bike and some laps with a bunch of ab work then i hit the gym three hours later for back
db rows 8x105 8x120 8x120
deadlift warm then 1x405 1x455 1x475 kinda ugly 2x405
barbell rows 8x135 8x185 6x205 8x135
machine rows 6x230 8x210 8x190
lat pull down set it hurt some hyper extension 3 set of 15
weight 245 and drank lots of water
max’s so far bench 365 deadlift 475

been a little bit since i posted got small pox and flu shot and got sick some but raised bench to 7 sets of 315 and deadlift to 495 in two and half weeks so still glad to see improvements and weight is 245

dont have folder with me so write what i rember

did shoulders on friday
yesterday did chest
6x330 3 chest missed fourthx345 2x365
incline 8x205 8x226 4x275
db flys 8x80 8x90 8x90
two second paused reps 2 sets of 8x225
and then quickly did 25 pushups

back today
deadlift 515 got it above knee but couldnt lock it out 5x405 4x405 sick today nothing like the crapps and runny nose to make deadlifting wierd
db rows 8x120 8x140 8x120
super set machine rows and pulldown
3 sets of 8 one with 45 weight for hyper ext

shoulder day
military press seated 6x225 6x225 8x135 2 second pause on chest
hitlers 8x30 8x30 6x30
side lateral machine 8x60 8x80 8x60
reverse machine fly’s 8x145 8x145 8x145
elliptcal 25 mintues 431 callories that sucked. then some basketball and that was really emberassing for me

arm day
close grip were my one finger just touches the smooth part of the middle of the bar
8x275 6x295 3x315
skull crusher ezbar 8x115 8x125 5x135
db curls 8x50 8x50 8x50 could do more hate curls though
push down machine and rev 8xstack 8xstack+45 8xstack
v bar pushdown burn outs intel i cant do more drop weight repeat 5 more times

first real work out for arms since being back felt good

good day for me got my nam signed by co and test my 3rd class test tommorow didnt study though feel like still pass

bench 51/2x335 4x355 1x375 felt really good
incline 8x225 6x275 7x255
db flys 8x90 8x90 8x50 shoulder felt wierd
25 incline push ups 45 mintues of elliptcal and a bunch of abs

just finished back today
dead lift 6x405 felt really good 1x455 felt really bad and stopped
db rows 8x130 8x130 8x130
pull downs 8x180 8x200 8x180
machine rows 8x210 8x220 8x240
hyper extensions three set of 10 holding a 45

not regaining as fast as would like thats for sure

shoulder day
seated military press 8x225 8x235 3x245
hitlers 8x30 8x35 8x30
side laterals 8x60 8x70 8x60
machine shrugs and machine reverse flys dont recall numbers
10 mintues of incline walking then 10 mintues of running

close grip one finger touching smooth part of of the middle of the bar
8x295 5x315 2x325
skulls 8x115 8x125 8x135
drop sets of 8 db 50’s to 30’s
tricep push downs machine 8xstack 8xstack+45 8xstack
seated push downs sets of 8 of stack
30 mintues of elliptcal 470 callories abs and some suna

12 mintues elliptical 306 calories then 5 mintues slow for 50
12 mintues bike 157 callories
then 200 callories slow pace on elliptical
15 mintues abs or so and about 15 mintues in the suna

feel sick and got several more shots for deployement antrax shots suck
chest this morning
bench 6x345 just barely missed 3 reps for 365 1x385 felt good
incline 8x245 6x275 8x255
flys’ 6x90 6x80 6x50 got it nice and wide
40 push up had more but arms not loven it

feel good intel i ran a bunch and push ups sit ups for command pt that sucked

just finished back day
dead lift 2x475 1x505 2x455
bb rows 8x185 8x195 8x205
pull down close super set pull ups 8x190 10xbw 8x180 3xbw joking around 8x180 6xbw
pull down wide and rows super set
8x180 and 8x200, 5x180 and 6x200, 4x160 and 6x180

did bench again early bc my friend came back and wanted to
1x405 felt hard but good finally back in the 400 club feel really good
4x365 25x225 maybe had some more
incline 8x235 8x275 fail 305
db flys 8x85 8x85 6x95
pushups 45 right after flys

had leave and here are my work outs since i got back
4x365 2x385 9x315
7x275 8x245 20x135
db fly sets of 8 using 80s
deadlift 6x405 1x475 fail 525
db rows 3 sets of 8 for 140
pull ups 10 7 9
machine rows 8x230 8x220 8x210
and today shoulders
seated miltary press
8x225 5x245 6x225
shrugs 8x315 6x405 5x405 35x135 got weak
hitlers 3 sets of 8 with 30s
side lateral db 3 sets of 8 with 35s

arms today but upper back and shoulders are really sore
close grip with finger just barely touching smooth part on the outside of it
8x275 8x295 3x315 felt wierd
dips bw 25, 19, 15 had some more but shoulder felt wierd
db curls 12x40 6x60 5x65 i hate curls
db forarm work out 3 sets of 8 with 45’s