My Regimen

My goal is too lose fat without losing too much muscle.

Diet consists of 55% Protein 35% Carbs 10% Fats (all essential fats)
= 2200 calories

6 AM = HIIT 10 minutes

1 PM = Squats, Biceps, Triceps, Chest

6 PM = Low-moderate cardio 30 minutes

6 AM = Low-moderate cardio 30 minutes
6 PM = Shoulders, Back

6 AM = Low-moderate cardio 30 minutes
6 PM = HIIT 10 minutes

6 AM = Low-moderate cardio 30 minutes
1 PM = Abs, Biceps, triceps
6 PM = Low-moderate cardio 30 minutes

1 PM = HIIT 10 minutes

Is this any good?

Any advice will be much appreciated thanks

AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 6 Foot
BF%: 12
WEIGHT: 76kg
BMR: 1960
BODYTYPE: Mesomorph

Goal = Reach 8% BF

This is pretty stock advice (and for a reason: it works), but if you’re trying to lose fat and preserve muscle you’ll want to do 2 things. 1. Use the most energy possible per work out and 2. focus on using some descent weight so that your body has a reason to keep it’s muscle.

Currently you’re resistance training 3 days a week, so you’re only hitting each major muscle group one day a week (and neglecting your hamstrings and glutes a bit), and spending a lot of time on smaller muscle groups (biceps), that won’t use as much energy immediately, or post-training.

I’d suggest you make your 3 body part split days 3 total body days (there are a ton of programs to chose from on the site) that focus on compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, etc). That way you’ll work each muscle group more often to encourage muscle preservation, and use more energy which will help you lose fat.