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My Refined Diet


Meal 1:
cup of oats and 4 eggs with milk ~ 570 calories

Meal 2: protein shake with olive oil: about 350 calories

Meal 3: homeade beef/venison jerky with an apple ~500 calories

Meal 4: whole wheat bagelwith peanut butter ~ 450 calories

Meal 5: half of a protein shake w/carrots beta alinine ~ 160 calories

Meal 6: half of protein shake with sugar+creatine+beta alinine ~ 200 calories

Meal 7: whatever rents make for dinner if it's healthy
~600 calories

meal 8: tuna with milk ~300 calories

total calories: 3130
Protein: 275
Fat: 150 grams

Macros come out to 2970, pretty close considering guestimating. I really really need more fats.

carbs fat and protein are as close as I ca get them, can't tell exactly how much Pb, milk, homeade jerky is without taking a hour out of every day lol. I workout for 4 days a week, 2 of the off days will be lowwer carbs, the other will be my cheat day.


any advice?


Where are your veggies? Are you using actual table sugar in your post-workout shake? Is your jerky good/do you make it with a simple food dehydrator? Looks fairly good to me, except for the lack of veggies.


maybe move some of the milk, or venison, or some type of protein to the bagel with PB meal to lower the insulin response. You dont really want a carb crash before your workout which im assuming comes before meal 6

Itll provide steadier glucose release, and also could potentially lower the amount of fat stored..

Your eating clean foods,but simple subs like green veggies instead of carrots would be good (i.e. brocolli, green beans)

Also take a look at Berardi's recommendations in terms of P+F meals and P+C meals.

And also "what the rents make for dinner is really a stretch and its hard to give you advice on a diet when 600 of the calories are a mystery

Also, in most cases, your cheat day would be better on a day when you train instead of a day on your ass or "off day".

Next time, read more articles before asking in the forum. I know you mean no harm, but research is a good thing


You're fine. Now do it and get back to us.


Here is part of my response to your original post, which elucidates your goals somewhat.

Weight: 160
Bodyfat % : 15 (if this is indeed accurate)
Lean Body Mass : 136lbs
Fat Mass : 24lbs

Weight : 175
Bodyfat % : 10
Lean Body Mass : 157.5
Fat Mass : 17.5lbs

So, you want to lose about 6.5lbs of fat and gain about 21lbs of lean body mass. 21lbs of LEAN MASS is a lot, even though lean mass is comprised of muscle tissue, glycogen, water, and bone. I would recommend taking about 3-4 weeks and losing the 6-7 lbs of fat to put you where you need to be in terms of bodyfat, and then change up your diet to allow enough calories for maximal lean body mass gains with minimal fat gains, so that you hopefully don't have to diet again."

I personally don't like the approach you're taking, specifically I think you should get lean before gaining, but best of luck to you. Also, your meal combinations and meal timing may not lead to the most optimal ratio of muscle to fat gained while on this, but I don't know your body so I can't say for sure. I would try to center your carbohydrate intake predominantly post workout, but in your meal plan you are combining things such as bagels and peanut butter, which I would try to avoid. You can go back and read my entire response to your original thread if you'd like.

If your caloric surplus isn't too excessive I think you'll be ok, but read the breakdown of your goals again to have a clear idea of what you're trying to accomplish just to make sure you're headed in the right direction.

The bottom line, though, is to follow something, and then assess your results and make any changes as you deem necessary. After all, you know your body better than any of us do.


I went with lean deli meats on my bagels instead of the peanut butter. I had orriginally wanted to lean down, but got massively flamed for it in another thread. You sggest leaning down first?


make it in a smoker. all in all, it's like peppered steak pieces, pretty damned tasty.


Dude, how do you look? What do YOU want to do? Again, read my analysis of your goals and systematically approach this. What does it matter if you get "skinny" for a short period of time? If you are lean, thin, but muscular, you are setting yourself up in an optimal environment in regards to hormones and body composition for gaining lean body mass. Translated that means it might make you gain more muscle relative to fat, at a fast rate. However, you are STILL wanting to gain a considerable amount of muscle which, in all honesty, will probably take you more time than you are thinking it will. So, yes, I say, fuck what other people think you should do, and do what you want to do, if it means you reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible, in the best frame of mind possible, and with the least amount of roadblocks along the way.

Bear in mind, I am saying this based on the assumption that the numbers you reported in your original post, in regards to bodyfat percentage and goals, are actually correct. If they are off in any way, this can all change.

Can you link me to your thread where people told you not to lean down first? Perhaps I can shed some light on that issue if I see it.


ah, it was a while back, during my first few times posting. It was mostly a "you're at the best point in your life for gainign muscle... don't cut sort of thing.

I think I'll add a few more pounds over the next few weeks ~5 then start cutting.


Pointless practice, you will lose whatever you gain if you cut that soon. Cut down then start adding mass slowly, over a long period of time, this isn't a race.