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My RED KAT Thoughts


I love the nano dispersed version. Heres a tip I want to pass on because of the increase in cAMP caused by the scaramax in the product. I like to combine it with caffeine to prevent the break down of cAMP, which will result in greater nitrogen accumalation and testosterone production.

This product is great though not as stimulating as Alpha Male. RED KAT is great for those of us who can't afford Alpha Male every month.


Why does caffeine prevent the breakdown of the cAMP and how will the cAMP increase Test production?


When caffeine or another methylxanthine is applied to a cell, it inhibits the activity of cAMP-PDE (phosphodiesterase enzyme) by binding to the site of the enzyme that usually binds the adenine of cAMP, such that cAMP-PDE can no longer convert cAMP to AMP. The result being that any cAMP generated by adenylate cyclase will remain active in the cell for longer than usual.

Increases in cAMP lead to a stimulation of the luteinizing hormone, and thus an increase in testosterone production.

Or at least that's what I put together from Google. . .


thanks for answering that for a simpler
take on it look up the cAMP part in the HOT-ROX page