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My Recovery/Rebuilding Log

Early in the year I injured my back doing heavy manual labor, I had stronger lifts back then, but hope to exceed them once I’m done rehabbing/rebuilding. I’m currently hitting full body sessions twice a week so I have time to focus on conditioning for a 4 mile mountain race I’m not ready for.

This week I did:

A1. Squat 160: 5x5
A2. Weighted chins: +75: 5x3
B1. Trap deads: 225: 5x5 (first time pulling in 6 months)
B2. Bench 185: 5x5

Squat: 185: 3x5
A1. Front pulls 4x5
A2. OHP 120: 5x5
Trap dead: 275x5
Trap farmers carry: 40yd with 225.

Rock climbing and conditioning: 2-3 hours. Hands are toast.

Squat: 165: 4x5
Chins: +77.5: 4x3
Bench: 4x5
Trap row: 190: 4x5
100 push ups in 10 min while cooking my dinner

Friday: squat: 3x5: 190
Front pulls: 4x5
OHP: 125: 5x5
Trap dead: 1x5: 305, 1x10: 255
Farmers carry: 255: ~50yds x2