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My Recent Experience Bulking...


Well I've been lurking around this site for some time, but never really contributed or took the advice. About 3 years ago I started taking lifting a lot more serious, but was training in MMA as well. I kept my weight down and stayed a lanky bastard (At the time I was 19/20, 6ft3 and my weight would go between 175-180.

Of course I had relatively low body fat, and was pretty lean and defined. About a year ago I started personal training at this new location, and met a trainer who's about 5ft10, 250lbs all natural and still pretty defined. He really inspired me to kick it up a notch in my training. My numbers went up but my size wasn't progressing as I pleased. I then started lifting with another trainer who is a teen body building champion in the state, and he introduced me to the fact that I eat like a bitch.

Thats where you guys come in. About 3 months ago I started reading up on nutrition more and bulking up. I found it was pretty easy with the way I was eating to put on size. My caloric intake was up high, my protein intake, and I was drinking water like a damn fish. My weight went up to 205 (I realize I had a lot more to do.. Just keep reading), so yes I gained 25 lbs in about 3 months. I was stoked. I was ready to keep progressing, and my final goal before a "cut" would be 230-250, not so sure how fast I would've progressed past the first 25.

Now here's the part of the story that makes me want to slaughter all domino's employees. So Sunday I order a large pizza for myself and my girlfriend (she eats a slice or two, and I try to stay relatively clean in my eating) I end up devouring it pretty quickly along with a monster lo carb so I could crunch out some work for my training business and she could do some school work. Around 10:30, it hits me :frowning:

I uncontrollably vomit and by all means piss out of my asshole every 15 minutes. I go to bed thinking it'll pass, but instead am awoken by pressure working it's way up my throat. This lasted, and I shit you not, from 10:30PM - 7:30AM. By far the worst hours of my life. After that time, the puking stopped, but the ass pissing did not.

Anyway, long story short it's now Tuesday night, I am just gaining my ability to walk again (yes it was that bad, high fever and all). I get fully hydrated again, return to work, hit the scale, and I lost fucknig 17 lbs in 2 days. I couldn't even believe it. My jaw dropped. I worked 3 months of a no bullshit diet, eating till I was going to puke day after day, and it all was taken from me in a moment of cheesy bliss by those bastards at dominos.

Now I made this thread for 2 reasons:

1) To thank all of you guys who know what you're talking about. It DOES make a difference to some people who are actually motivated. The guys that give you shit just aren't doing it right.

2) Where do I go from here? Will it be easy for me to put the SAME weight on again? Will it be 3 weeks or 3 more months?

And I guess another reason would be to see if anyone had similar experiences..

Thanks in advanced for any help, and I wish I could show you some progress pics.. I unfortunately didn't take any before afters.. I'll post what I can I suppose.


2)-do it again. Avoid Dominos. lol.

Seriously, I'm not sure your body can catabolize muscle that fast. Try drinking a lot of extra fluids for a few days and see if you gain any of that weight back by the time a few days pass.


You lost 17 lbs. You did not lose 17 lbs of muscle. Most of it was water and stomach content. As Blaze said, drink a lot to rehydrate yourself and you should gain most of it back quickly. Just try not to have adventures like this to often :wink:



I pray you're right. I look in the mirror and see the old me, and it bums me out. Not to mention my abs are probably as sore as they've ever been from gut wrenching vomiting. That'll work the core.

On a side note, I forgot to mention sometime next year I'd love to compete in my first bodybuilding show. I'm 22 and I have a lot of growing to do, and a lot to learn about the sport / my body. (Hope that doesn't get into the BB isn't a sport debate). Pics will come when I get home I guess, I have one at 175 and one at 185, no real leg shots or REAL poses unfortunately.


Let us know how quickly you regain scale weight. You're probably dehydrated as hell.


I could not imagine shitting 17 lbs in that amount of time.


it's over.

i suggest a new hobby


I've had a few instances where, without fail, in the middle of a great run of progress I'd get hit by a virus and lose 15-20 lbs in a few days, and most ended up not coming back until I worked my strength back up over time. I also used to get injured all the time and both have been way better after taking a step back and really applying what my body needs, rather than always trying to push and do what I wanted to do. I also down the vitamin C (along with a couple others) and watch my recovery closely when not sleeping enough to make sure I don't get sick any more.

basically, setbacks suck, but most often they can teach you things if you can get past the bitterness, pay attention, look for patterns, and press on through, -it'll probably be faster the second time around anyways


I'll ignore HM's bitterness :frowning:

Good post - That's how I'm feeling. I'm not too sure what I had, but it really whiped me out. Kept me in bed for 3 days straight hardly able to move, unless it was a sprint to the bathroom. I feel pretty hydrated again, and still am down a good chunk of that weight.

I feel pretty weak and am noticably thinner. I think once I get back to lifting, and into a normal eating routine things will bounce back. Till then, I guess I'll be built like.. Ashton Kutcher with pride. Damnit.

Here's me at 175 (when I was training MMA pretty seriously) I realize the error of my ways. Don't rip me apart too bad.


Update: Just re-weighed as I got to work this AM, gained 4 lbs back.

Good stuff. Unfortunately I didn't take a progress pic after 185. This was before my real "Oh this is how you eat" epiphany. And yes, I do have minty fresh breath all the time. Now I look like this minus all definition. Pretty sexy. I hope I can gain it back, and save some face around here. Unfortunately no pics of the wheels, but they are my weakest part, and I'm struggling putting size on my lanky legs. Slowly but surely I suppose.

Thanks for all the advice guys.


i wouldn't hate on domino's man. you're probably just massively lactose intolerant. Pepto is the way to go after pizza haha


I had a stomach thing this year, the main thing was the suppressed appetite. Took about 3 months for it to come back, so just be patient and keep eating progressively more (your body will be out of whack just now, especially good bacteria, stomach lining etc)...


I've had the same thing happen to me a few times. You probably got a case of food poisoning. I got all my weight back in 4-6 weeks. I remember I couldn't even hold down a few sips of water. Even if I sucked on piece of candy I'd puke up whatever went into my system.

It's interesting how much water the body can lose. A couple years ago when I was dieting and weighing myself almost daily, I went out and got wasted. A top ten drinking night. In the morning I was hungover and 7 lbs lighter.