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My Recent Deadlift (New Here)


I have done a little more before when i was heavier.
16 years old
245lbs bodyweight
in sports right now.


if that's really you and you're really 16 (not saying either aren't true), nice work.

i watched some of your other vids, seem pretty cockstrong


thanks man! I need to get my squat up though, how do I do this? I have decided to not work any set under 5 reps because I have been doing mostly singles for years, and i know I would jump in size if i did more reps


Work on your grip, so you can loose the straps. Other than that, super job.


^^lol^^ maybe this will silence your doubt of my grip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JDF0Lr9a_I&feature=channel_page suited sumo and I was like 275 bodyweight. Thanks for checking it out though, I used straps that day from my calous was teared up from humidity.


lol, i didn't "doubt" your grip, just stating. You have some serious potential to post huge numbers. Unlike me, I have potential to post moderate.


^^lol^^ gotcha I dont want any enimies, like on bb.com solets not argue, thanks dude!


from the looks of your videos on youtube, your running smolov while in-season for basketball? wow. how are you doing as far as recovery and maintaining energy?


^^had to stop first week from deep glute pain,


ouch, were you doing the full blown smolov? or smolov jr?


just reqular didn't want to risk it, since when I had the glute pain in the other side around 15 months ago it maid me not be able to squat or deadlift (or twist, run, jump) for 2-3 months.


Great pulling! And if you want to get your squat up,keep squatting. You are only 16. It WILL improve.


Saw your 1020X3 Partial Squat off Pins.

If you're this strong now, I can't wait to see where you are once you stop listening to coldplay.


if u want a better squat id focus more on squatting than standing with weight on ur back, every impressive lifts planning on doing strongman?


here is yesterdays workout (keep in mind my forearms, and part of my hand are in a cast from a possible fracture/bone bruise)

front squat
calf raises seated
back squat
225x5-most all leg muscle cramped up crazy with any movement, kinda fun but hindering.
took leg break to get better
leg press
820x1-super strict, nice rom, with wraps.
leg extensions


Dude, why are you doing these ridiculous leg lifts when your basic squat movements are pretty poor in comparison to everything else??

Like the 1020 squat off pins was interesting, and the leg press is cool, but honestly, are they doing anything for your squat if you can only front squat 225x5??


Good work. At your age that's a phenomenal pull, and is definitely respectable at any age!


do u have a split or go full body everytime?


my squat is about 365x1 with just a belt.
the 225x5 was a warm-up that maid me cramp up crazy, not any effort evolved.

my best squat off pins is 1250lbs LOL, its a easy lift.

I went from squat to leg because cramping and awkwardness due to cast. thanks for checking out my workout!!


thanks, i have good back and grip power.