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My Re-introduction to Strongman Training

here’s a possible split…
assistance work-- Seated BB press or Seated DB press or savakias presses
Weighted Pullups
close grip Bench press or Floor Press

Assistance work-- Farmers walks BB Row Goodmornings Ab Work power cleans

Speed Strict overhead press standing
assistance work-- Savakias presses Incline Bench DB BEnch seated DB OHP
idk Barbell curls…just for the fun

assistance work-- full squat

do you fellow strongman feel this would be a good routine?? any “suggestions”? and as a side note… would you think that those variations of OHP will help with my strict over head press?? (I know the Speed strict OHP standing will, im talking about Pushpress, Savakias’ Seated BB,press seated DB press) because thats one thing id like to bring up and should i try and hit PR’s on the assistance exercises?
–Thanx, Joe