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My Rant On All The Youngsters Who Want 'Roids.

I just posted a reponse to the “20 year old kid” who said he’d be “pissed off”, if he couldn’t get N-17E. Am I the only one who sees this ugly trend. These wet behind the ear punks, don’t want to do the work. I don’t mind a young trainee asking about training/nutrition. But, roids or their equivelent. Give me a break. You guys haven’t paid your dues yet. It would be like getting out of high school and wanting a job as a rocket scientist. Heck, maybe that’s what all the plane crashes have been lately. All you kids, who think you know it all, con your way into a job and fuck it up. I’d hate to see someone like you who does ‘roids/equivelent and tries to tell everyone in the gym how he build his physique up. I see it all the time. Tendons/bone need time to adapt. You guys want to put a 427 engine into a stock yugo. I see it all the time with lowering of the cars also. Lower it to the ground, be damned the frame/body take a beating. If you took the time to build up the body first, to accept a larger powerplant, it could handle it. Rush into it and don’t come crying about torn pecs, rotator cuffs, biceps, etc. Not only that, why blow your whole load early. Does a long distance runner go out as fast as he can? No, he holds some in reserve. You kids of today will never learn anything about sweat/determination at the rate you are going. And I, for one, will be walking by your sorry ass, when your begging for change on the corner, because you couldn’t do your job and got fired. Heck, I’d probably be the one to fire you. I have fired many a slacker, especially at the gyms I have run. I’ll be banging your girl too. Heck, even at 40, I’m still getting carded by “girls your age”. I go for hours in bed. I don’t need no stinkin’ roids to do it either.