my rant... grrrrr

if i catch the fucker than smashed my friends car window, and stole knapsack, my gym membership, weight lifting gloves, lifting straps and my palm-pilot (aka. my meal planner),
i’m gonna split the fucker from his head to his ass !!!



Dude, thanks for the shit man, I was having trouble planning my meals…

Hahahahah… I’m kidding!

would now be a bad time to ask what you were doing with lifting straps …nevermind, it probably is. On the real though, that’s fucked up.
Thieves suck, plus they weren’t even good thieves, just smash and grab punks!

that sucks, feel bad for you man…

this reminds me of the time my friend’s car was broken in. The punks took a couple of CDs, some clothes, and then left, completely untouched, several hundred dollars worth of textbooks. Idiots!

haha our apartment just got robbed a few weeks ago, the fucker only stole a 20" tv from 1975, a discman, and some bagel bites from the fridge.

surprisingly he walked right past a $400 guitar, my $1500 hockey leg pads, and my credit cards and cell phone.

some people…

funny thing is, everything was in the knapsack. he left my weight belt. probably threw away gloves and straps when he got home.


hahaha who steals bagel bites

Kids are amusing.

That sucks and all…but lifting gloves? Be glad he stole those lol…j/k/k

Oh shit Dude! Sorry! Your napsack wouldn’t be black, would it? And the lifting straps are white? And your palm pilot is greyish/silver?

Most thieves are crack addicts. They choose things to steal that they can easily sell to get some money to buy crack. TVs and Discmen fall into this category. There is a larger demand for these than guitars and hockey pads.


Where was the car parked?
I am shocked it happened in your hood. Mostly U of T students running around there?

It should be covered under buddies insurance…or your house/apt insurance.

Fucking blows…

Good luck.


-coach morris… my lady likes the smooth touch, not cauliflower hands…

-massnut. good try, but your way off! knapsack wasnt like your strawberry shortcake one.


ROFL! Bastard.

thanks for logically explaining crackheads loopfit! Yo, jay it was probably Tyrone Biggums that stole yo shit!

Someone once stole my laundry out of my car.

Lesson learned = put it in the trunk

I have a good one. My cousin has his apartment broke into and they stole his playstation 2 and a couple of movies, plus the movie in his playstation. 2 weeks later he got another playstation for christmas. The very next weekend someone again broke in and stole that playstation and the case to the movie that was in the first playstation stolen. Hilarious!

Bagel Bites!!! WTF??? LMAO!

Jaystyles- Actually I think MassNut’s bookbag was TeleTubbies!

JC- That is fucked up, maybe your cuz needs a diff’t apartment…

Dude, I had my gym locker broken into in college, took all my crap, especially my car keys… I ended up staying with my car all night till my Dad showed up with new keys 8 hours later (man did I feel like a sucker).

Actually, I just had my CD’s swiped outta my 2003 Car when it was in the dealer for service 2 weeks ago. Damn bastards are giving me so much shit, and ain’t gonna make any reparations. I told em if I hadda sue I was gonna go after a lot more than the few hundred bucks for CD’s, but the bastards told me to do whatever I wanted… I can’t tell you how fucking pissed I am.

my apartment here in Vegas was robbed a few years back and the guy really cleaned up,even took all my pillowcases. The cops said that that’s what they probably threw everything in. The worst part though was not all of the stuff that was taken-it was the cops hanging out in my place for like 4 hours dustprinting and such and then telling me how hopeless it was anyway and that I would never get my stuff back. When I asked this cop what was he even doing there still he was like 'lady it’s my job"…I love the police o.k. but he was true to his word. I never got anything back.