My Quest to Get Strong and Big!

Well, hey everyone. I’m a 22 year old student from California and this is my first venture in working out…ever. I’m a skinny fat 5’11, 150lb guy that has only set foot in a gym once 3 years ago. I know, not cool. Anyway, I have decided to change that. I am tired of being the skinny guy with no muscle. I want to be big! Right now all I have for equipment is a set of powerblocks that adjust from 5-45lbs. I am keeping an eye out for an Olympic bar and squat rack on craigslist so I can upgrade though.

I’ve done some research and lurked around a lot and managed to compile this workout with the help of others.
Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
3x8 DB Squats
3x8 DB Rows(each arm seperate)
3x8 Floor Press or Push Ups(Alternate)
3x8 DB Shoulder Press
3x8 Bench Dips
3x8 DB Deadlifts
I also kind of alternate things in occasionally. I’ll usually workout out in the AM, and sometimes if I’m feeling really sore, I might skip till the next day in order to recover.

I’m really busy with school right now, so I don’t really have time to micromanage my diet. That being said, I do aim for 6 meals throughout the day. With a major protein source, and a complex carb(except postworkout) throughout the day. I also mix 1/2 cup cottage cheese + 1 cup skim + 1 scoop ON Casein prebed.

I’ve made sure to keep it simple with supplements, but I am open to suggestions.
10lb Scivation Whey
ON Fish Oil(I take 2 in the AM 2 in the PM)
ADAM Vitamin
Micronized Creatine Mono
ON Casein(Free from a friend, use in the PreBed shake)
Dextrose + Malto for postwork.
(I was thinking of getting beta alanine, since I sometimes have problems waking up for workouts…i never really feel focused. Would this help, or does anyone else have other suggestions? Also, I’m primarily looking for bulk supp’s since i’m a poor student after all.

Well, first thing. I want to gain some muscle mass. Right now I am skinny with pudge around my center and I HATE it. I don’t mind bulking right now in order to gain muscle so I can cut, but I really just want to gain muscle and strength. I’m amazed at all of the logs, since in comparison I can’t really lift much. But at the same time, it gives me motivation to do better and try harder. I want to be confident in myself, and I think a body that I can be confident in is one of the major steps.

Thanks everyone for reading, and happy posting!

Also, I will be posting my 3 first workout days that I had logged on paper.

3 Last Workout Days
3x8x25 DB Rows(Left side had a bit of trouble near last sets)
3x8 Bench Dips
3x8 Push Ups(I need to work on form, was wobbly for the most part)
3x8 Squats(2x25DB) (First time doing squats, burned like crazy)
3x8x30 Right DB Curl
2x8 1x2 30 Left DB curl(I notice a significant difference in strength between left and right)

I felt really pooped after this workout. I know the weights are small, and it is slightly embarassing, but I felt good for the rest of the day!

You may notice that this is actually 3 days after. My body was KILLING me for the 2 days following. I could barely sit on the toilet.

3x8 (2x25DB) DB Floor Press(these felt good)
4x8x25 DB Rows (Felt good, did another rep)
3x8 Bench Dips(The last few sets were hard…felt pain in right shoulder)
1x8x25 & 1x6x25 Shoulder Press (I felt like I had nothing in me, could barely get my arms up for last few)
3x8 Squats (2x30lb) (These hurt like the dickens, but I did atg)
3x8x25 Right DB Curls
2x8x25 Left DB Curls (Could only do these many…how do I fix strength inconsistencies between sides?)

This workout was okay…the shoulder press and the left db curls really killed me.


3x8x(2x30lb) Floor Press
3x8x30 DB Rows
3x8 Bench Dips(Good, no shoulder pain…little shaky on last sets)
3x8x(2x30lb) Squats (Atg hurts but feels good at the same time. Felt a little dizzy after doing these)
2x2 Assisted Pull-ups(Could barely do these, even with assistance)
3x8x25lb Db right curl
2x8x25 Db left curl

Good workout…my left side is a lot weaker than my right though.

Anyway, those are my last three logged workouts. I will also post my embarrassing before pictures for reference. I’m not sure what my bf% is either, but maybe you all will be able to tell from the pictures. Also, any tips or suggestions are appreciated!

How many calories you getting in you a day?

[quote]Pluto wrote:
How many calories you getting in you a day?[/quote]
Varies from 3,000 to 3,500 usually.