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My Quest to Get Effin' Strong


Howdy all.

I've lurked on the boards for quite some time, but have decided to start posting.

I want to eventually enter a couple PL Comps this year.

But first I need to raise my lifts.

This will be my training log as well as my rants on working out in a lame add YMCA with TWO racks.

Oh well. I lift before work in the morning to avoid the curl crowd.

Anyway current stats 165-170lbs 13% BF. had allowed myself to get fat and weak and was about 190 and over 20% BF back in August.

Back Squat 265
Deadlift 315(probably higher, haven't tested for a bit)
Bench 225

1RM goals 2012
Squat 320
Deadlift 405
Bench 300

I feel this is pretty doable, especially if I start eating closer to maintenance or over slightly.

Stay tuned for small feats of strength.


I think what you should do is start a training log in the training log section. Good luck though.



I am on my phone. Thought I had actually put this in the training log section.

I'll see if a mod can move it over for me.