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My Quest to DL 500lbs


Wondering what everyone does for assistance? How many times per week do you DL?

Currently I am only doing it once per week, my DL is now 415lbs, belt only.


Im going for the same goal as well dude for this year at a meet on 10th December in the 100% Raw federation.

Im at 440lbs with just a belt.
This monday I pulled 462 top weight in a conventional deadlift with chains, basically I am rotating deadlifts in terms of chains and from deficit pull pulls for 6 weeks and hopefully hit 462lbs with a belt raw after the six week period. Assistance work is 20min prowler work 2 hours after Dynamic lower and Max effort lower and focussing on good mornings, cable pull through's, abdominals, jumps and single leg work.


The most I've recently pulled was 435, at 175 bodyweight. I don't use a belt, just chalk on the hands. The only deadlift training I've done is deadlifts themselves, although I think training heavy squats helps deadlift quite a bit. I never go over 3 reps on any set of deadlifting. I only deadlift once a week, and I do it after my squat workout, a la Thibs' HP mass program. However, I do less Deadlift volume than he prescribes, and I incorporate heavy doubles and singles. And I only deadlift once a week. I was maxing at about 315 on deadlift about 4 months ago, so the way I'm currently training seems to be working well.

Question for you guys, how much benefit do you think you get out of a belt? I've never used one for any lift. I know I could get a bit more weight out of my squat with one if I ever strap one on, but how about deadlift? Do you use it for safety/stability, or do you think you're actually lifting more weight because of it?
Not trying to hijack the thread, just curious.


My best pull a few months ago was at 185 and I hit 455 semi-sumo. I'm debating whether or not to go conventional b/c my best conventional is 445 not too long after that one and I haven't practiced that movement nearly as much.


I think the most important thing at your level is really refining technique. Better technique will make it easier to address a weakness which start to rear around this level. Good mornings, deadlift variations (height/stance/etc.), and some type of row are all good forms of assistance work and don't neglect the abs. You'll get 500 no problem. It's after 500 where most people are tested.


You can always do both.


x2 They help make no mistake

I don't use one and I DL 530. According to the stronger guys that use them, the belt helps build intra-abdominal pressure to support the spine when you pull air in your belly. This increased spinal support reduces the risk of injury and also makes the lift easier due to the raised tension.


im in on this quest...my personal best is 405...hit it multiple times...using straps...also with chalk and belt...and then last time i pulled my lower back...dunno what the cause of that was....i got the lift off the floor and pulling it past my knee is where i felt pain in the lower back/tail bone area..

wondering what that is...any input would be great...has anybody gotten this kinda injury before...ive never hurt myself deadlifting this is the first time ever....


I'm thinking either the bar drifted forward or your legs rose faster than your torso (pretty much the same thing). Correct?


i suppose...i got the bar below the knee and just kinda stood upright...if that makes any sense...im guessing its a lower back strain and nothing serious...this happend almost two weeks ago.....will deadlift again tomorrow but won't push for any PR prolly keep it at 80% and see watsup


I pulled 455 this morning, no belt, no straps, tried for 475 and missed. I want to be over 500 by December for my next competition. I think I can get there. However my squat is horrible, and my bench is rising. So I might just enter for DL only this year.


Bronx: As of yesterday, you said your DL was 415. Today it is 455. I'd say you'll be pulling 500 by Sunday.


By Sunday yeah right! 415 was my DL 2 weeks ago. I have been concentrating on assistance exercises and haven't DL'd for 2 weeks. So this morning, I went right in to DL, did 135 x 10 to warm up, then went right to 405 x 4, then 455 x 1, tried 475 but couldn't get it. I think the 2 week break helped.


Currently - Deadlift once a week
Accessories - RDLs, Sumo RDLs, Deficit Pulls, and Reverse band pulls

fwiw, 600 raw conventional, 655 single ply sumo


Sounds like you stiff-legged it. Really work on your lifting technique.


Do you cycle your weight or just go by feel?


On the main pull, I have a pre planned weight that I am working up to, followed by a few sets of speed triples. (I modified the coan phillipi routine for my own purposes)

On the accessories, I go by how I am feeling. Sometimes I go as heavy as I can, sometimes I rep it out, etc