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My Quest For Strength


Nice pressing man.


Thanks. Using the belt helps a lot.


My Christmas gift! :heart:


I am sick again! Don’t know how, don’t know why. My condition doesn’t seem to be getting better. More drastic measures may be in order. I am happy next week is a deload week.


Got 50 pounds of extra weights and I’m getting a free axle. My dad has the necessary, American-made, super-heavy pipe at work. I just have to wait till after New Years! It’s a worthy wait.


I have dipped below 170 lbs. for the first time in a year. I weighed myself randomly, this evening. To be fair, I haven’t eaten all that much today, but I sure did drink a lot of water. I’m sitting at 169 now, which means I’m closer to 165 in the morning. I may not need as many weights as I thought I did!


Well, the colonic wasn’t all that successful. I have to get 2 more this week. Hopefully the first one was just a “primer”. They are also ER-level painful at their worst. At a loss for options if this doesn’t work, so this needs to work!!


Sure — let’s call this a “deload” week.


45 x 10
135 x 2 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 3
275 x 2
325 x 1
350 x 1 — fast
365 x 1 — harder to lock out

1 x 25 Push-up
1 x 50 KB Swing w/ 35 lb.

Maybe I’ll be stronger once I can eat food with substance and not be sick for a week afterwards. Sitting at somewhere around 165 lb. BW. I haven’t been this light in a long time. Losing hope.


Well, if anyone happens to come across this on Christmas morning…Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

Just putting it out there that in order for me to maintain my sanity, I’m going to be taking a break from this site for a while. I’ve been unhealthily comparing PRs to everyone else that I am proud to call my pack of lifters. So, I won’t be posting on here until I have accomplished something worthwhile. There may be a long time before that happens. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year as well! Bye for now.


Sorry to hear that man. You look strong in the video though and if it means anything you lift quite a bit more than me. Hope you have a good Christmas and get everything figured out.


Merry Christmas bud, will look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thanks for the kind replies. Just to give you guys an idea of what I’m going to be doing, I’m just going to be running an easier version of 5/3/1 until I can move on to something else. I’m also probably just going to be using overhead work twice per week, as opposed to benching. I may even only use it once per week. I dont think I should focus on being a strongman when my basic lifts are still dismally weak. Well…it’s been nice talking with all of you the last few months.



Merry Christmas. :christmas_tree:

We are here to celebrate the good and the bad. Hang in there and get healthy bro. What you do at your body weight is amazing…


Thanks brother. Good to see you working on that shoulder.

Edit: I spoke too soon. My stomach is fucked up. In some serious pain.


Some of those people would have been training for years and years. Do not compare yourself to others and be upset about it. You’re doing quite well.

There’ll always be someone bigger and stronger than you and thats how the world works. People like thor will be a shadow to the monsters that will come in the next 100 years. The thing with lifting is the day you start lifting is the day you become forever small, always wanting more. So if you say to yourself until you accomplish something worthwile you’ll be away, who knows if you’ll never be satisfied until you deadlift 1000lbs

I wish you luck man! I’ll probably message you on instagram though. You’re a cool dude and a great member of tnation.


Merry Christmas man, best wishes with the disease man, you’ll kick it’s ass sooner or later. You’re definitely one of the people on this site who has pushed me to be bigger and stronger. I’ll stay in touch with you for sure man.
On the bright side of being 165 you sure do look jacked! I’m here to stick with you through thick and thin brother.


I’d hope to only be satisfied with something like this! Thanks for the kind words.


I swear it’s just the camera. Thanks for being there.


Update: just going to be running the Limited Time (PR/Widowmaker) template from Forever with Overhead Work 2x/week. Keeping it simple.


Merry Christmas