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My Quest For Strength


Yeah, I’m gonna look into some of Dan John’s stuff. Now that I have weights at my house, I can do something every day. And I can eat carbs, but only whatever comes from beans/nuts. The doctor I saw about this issue tried to prescribe me a serotonin blocker, which would most likely incapacitate me with unbearable stomach pain. So, my nutritionist has said that this approach is what I should be doing. I may have to make my diet even more bland once again. Medications don’t exist for this problem. Shit is just hopeless.


How is it that teachers are completely comfortable tanking student’s averages over group work — where most of the kids in the group didn’t do the work? It seems terribly unfair, and now I’m failing a class. I plan to take the issue up with the dean of academics if the teacher does not relent on his position concerning this matter.


This sadly prepares you for much of life in the workforce.


What you’ll come to learn, especially in college, is that group work tends to be 1 or 2 people doing everything for a good grade or accepting a sub par grade if left to equal contributions.

I had to do a lot of group work in my undergrad, and our teacher gave groups the option to kick members out (who would then need to accomplish that work solo) if they proved to be a detriment to the team. You’d think it’d encourage people to do more, but in reality people got kicked out of groups often.


That was his excuse for it.


I know this. However, in this particular instance the entire 35 person class was the group, and 8 or 9 people including myself were the only people doing anything to solve a large truss problem. Sounds like a steaming load of bullshit to me. Especially because Truss Problems are huge.


As frustrating as it is, it is a real skillset to learn. You either develop into an a-hole that makes people get stuff done or you do it all yourself. I have gone both directions in my career.


That’s always fun. But, since I’m not in charge, I will just end up getting into fights with the people who want to be lazy. The teacher did not make anybody DO anything. Those that wanted to stepped up, and we’re all still failing. Because my scholarship, and attendance to this school, depend on my grades, this makes me very angry.


Peer leadership always sucks. Responsibility without authority. Sometimes I have to employ shame, sometimes appeal to ego, and sometimes I just have to do their work.


You’re not wrong, it is bullshit. As Pwn said though, that’s how all group work is in school or the workforce, with some exceptions of course.

It’s not great to hear, but the 10 or so of you willing to put in the work needed to do so to get good grades, therein gifting the slackers good grades as well. Been there, and it’s not rewarding.


See, kids don’t care about the first two things because they can’t comprehend them.


Yup. You have to figure out what works for your peers. It sucks.

As frustrating as it was, you weren’t being evaluated by your ability to solve the problem, but by your ability to function as a team.

I have done these drills where we set people up for failure. People get too fixated on the end and not the process, and it can bite them.


It’s a microcosm of life.


See, I would have thought the same thing; except for the fact that our entire grade is predicated on getting the problem correct.


By solving it as a group, right?


Yes. I see where your analysis originates from, but what I’m saying is that he didn’t care whether or not we worked as a team. He just wanted the problem.


What I am saying is he set you up with a task that could not be accomplished without working as a team. Failure to complete the problem indicated failure to work together as a team.

The problem was the metric of evaluation, rather than the actual problem. The actual problem was teamwork.

Just my perspective based off what you have shared here. It sounds like something I have participated in both as a student and instructor.


I thought this was what you meant. Thanks for the insight.


Thinking of doing either “Easy Strength” or “Even Easier Strength”. I can’t go wrong with Dan John. It should be a nice change of pace from all of the PR sets/volume work.


Man, I am fried. A break from the weights and then a testing week is in order for the next program I’m going to follow. I got soaked on the way to the weight room this morning. It was drizzling, and I figured I didn’t need an umbrella. I also don’t have an umbrella, so I just took a windbreaker. It then began to downpour approximately 10 minutes after I left the house.


45 x 2 x 5
75 x 3
90 x 5
100 x 3
115 x 6
135 x 6 + 1 Push Press
90 x 20 RP Strict, Push Press

60 Chin-ups
50 Ab Wheel
100 Band PA

Done in around 45 minutes. Supersetted all of the assistance work, took minimal breaks between sets. I guess this is a way to push my conditioning without actually doing conditioning. Who knows? I’ve missed both Prowler days this week.