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My Quest For Strength


Don’t have their axle or farmer’s. Got an Ironmind and Rogue axle and Rogue farmers. Got a Titan SSB, log, short yoke, some bumpers and j hooks.


As alluded above, Titan is super cheap but has a sketchy reputation for quality and customer service. I have bought one item from Titan (Wagon Wheels) with the remainder of my equipment from Rogue and IronMind. My one Titan item thus far has been satisfactory (and admittedly I bought it because it was less than half the price of its Rogue equivalent) but Alan Thrall (among others) have had very poor experience with Titan.

If you’re going to buy from Titan, I would suggest buying stuff that’s hard to screw up or doesn’t need to be pretty / perfect (Axle being a good example) but I would not suggest a barbell from Titan, since I think you’ll notice and care about crappy workmanship on a barbell more than Strongman implements (where part of the deal is the brutishness anyway).

My two cents.


I imagine you did this because you prefer to train on bad equipment so you’ll be better come competition day! Haha.


Thank you for your input. The knurling on their barbell did look sketchy.


Nah, those are solid quality. The SSB is a rip off of Elitefts and the Yoke is just like Rogue’s. Yoke was a significant upgrade from the pitbull econo yoke I had. Log was a step up from my CFF log that I had added diameter to. Can’t beat the price either.


Thanks for the info. I may be investing in a yoke at some point, so this is helpful.


I didn’t hit a PR. But, my gut didn’t feel well, I got 5 hours of sleep, and I walked a mile to the bus with 3 bags. Some things just can’t be controlled. With that being said, I’m lowering my Deadlift Training Max anyway. I’ve been having more sick days regardless of what I eat. Definitely going to have to train twice per week in the near future. Life is hitting me with a shit ton of bricks.


135 x 2 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 3
265 x 5
300 x 3
340 x 5 — missed 6th below knee
265 x 20 (belt, straps, RP)

225 x 2 x 20 sec. DOH Hold


135 x 35 ft.
225 x 35 ft.
315 x 35 ft.
365 x 50 ft.

50 Ab Wheels
2,2,1 min. plank

I enjoyed falling over with the trap bar simply because I refused to let go of the thing. Also, I think 5/3/1 has you leave a rep in the tank simply because of the two work sets you are asked to perform prior to the PR set. Personally, if I was warming up for a PR, I would NEVER hit a set of 5 in the high 200s. I would probably do 225 for a triple, 275 x 1, 315 x 1, and 340 x whatever. I would certainly not do 265 x 5, 300 x 3, and then 340 x whatever. Just my thoughts. It’s probably a really good strategy for winning at competitions because you have more in the tank than you think you do.


Well, I’m happy. I got an early Christmas gift even though I’m not supposed to know I got it until Christmas. I happened to stumble across it. Haha! 280 lbs. of weights + a 45 lb. barbell. I can steal weight plates from the football weight room fairly easily. Thinking of ripping off 2 25s + 2 10s on one day, 2 more 10s and 2 5s + 2 2.5s on another day. They have an abundance of plates, and they just abuse them anyway. Am I a bad person? Probably. Do I care? Not really. Going to be purchasing a Titan Axle + Farmer’s Handles soon. Also, I may invest in a Sandbag from Rogue. I’ll be doing some kind of overhead work, deadlifts, and squats. So, I’ll only be in the gym once every two weeks, which is cool. More time for me! Still going to be sticking with 2x/week training + an event day.


@T3hPwnisher how does one develop the kind of pain tolerance/desire/capability to hitch a max effort deadlift for 15 seconds whilst blowing their capillaries/blood vessels out? I’ve never even had a chance to hitch for that long because gravity brought me down to the floor before that (meaning that I lost the ability to produce enough force to even hold the bar).


A good amount of that is honestly just time under the bar. You learn how to fight after having enough fights. However, some things that I think helped me were ROM progression touch and go deadlifts, since I got used to overloading my body weight with and touch and go meant I never had a chance to rest. ESPECIALLY so if you focus on doing as many reps as possible in one breath.

The move that has bar none blown out the most capillaries for me was seated zercher axle good mornings off pins

That was my all time PR. Whenever I was done with these, I’d have blown out capillaries starting on one shoulder, going clear across my chest, neck, back and traps all the way over to the other shoulder. It looked like I was wearing a red blotchy sweater.


Haha. Are you going to stuff them in a backpack?


That is my plan. It will go off without a hitch.


That makes sense. I may also try ROM progression in the near future. I did touch-and-go deadlifts for the last 3 cycles I ran, and I oddly find dead-stop harder. I find that when I pull dead-stop, my “form” (yes, I used that word, don’t kill me) also resembles a deadlift much more than it does on the final reps of a touch-and-go deadlift. I will probably have to fix this problem though, because if I pull dead-stop on the new bar/plates that I have, I will have dented plates.

Also, I feel like one of the benefits of touch-and-go pulls is the fact that you don’t let go of the bar until the set is over, whereas with dead-stop sets of 12 can potentially become sets of 12 singles. That’s probably a conditioning issue more than anything else, though.


Nothing wrong with the word form. Not unexpected either. With deadstop, you’ll be overcoming the most difficult part of the deadlift at the start. Once you can bypass that, you should be good, which will mean you’ll experience consistent form so long as you can get the weight off the floor. It’s self limiting. With touch and go, you’ll bypass the floor and start hitting the tough spot more mid-rep, which will allow for greater technique deviation. However, getting stronger in those tough sports is a big part of being able to grind. A lot of folks lack it because they ALWAYS practice perfect technique, which means that, when the technique becomes imperfect, they lack the strength to hold on.


That makes a lot of sense, and is a compelling argument to pull touch and go. I’ve been doing my giant FSL set with a belt, straps, and touch and go, and Jesus Christ is it hard. However…I find that when I pull dead stop the most difficult part is easily above the knee, and when I pull touch and go the most difficult part is the reversal from the floor! It switches with whatever style I focus on. It’s weird.


Had a decent session today. No PRs, but I threw beforehand and didn’t take long rests. I also supersetted assistance work. Happy with my performance, all up in an hour (barring the 50 Dips).


45 x 2 x 5
95 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 5
155 x 3
170 x 7
135 x 50 (RP)

100 Band PA
60 Chin-ups
85 lb. x 35 reps Kroc Row
50 Dips

Ended up with 55 lb. of extra plates. I now have 335 lb. of usable weights. Next, I need to get 2 25 lb. plates. I can’t wait to blast heavy metal as loud as I want in my basement.




I am now, somehow, 170 lbs. after a full day of eating and drinking. Stomach also is not feeling particularly well. I have large, circular bruises in two spots on my stomach, and I am utterly exhausted. I really don’t want to train tomorrow, but I will have to. I have lost 10 pounds in a month. I’m pretty sure I’m not digesting at least part of the food that I’m eating. I can’t do anything about any of this.


Well, either my Squat Training Max is going down or I’m not doing 5/3/1 anymore. I lost 10 pounds, and 40 got stripped off my squat. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep - why the fuck would I push 5/3/1?. Living is horrible. I hate my body. I’m fairly sure God doesn’t exist. Why would he make a useless body? Doesn’t make any sense. When I eat more than usual, my stomach punishes me for it the next day. I cannot tolerate grains, seeds, any kind of meat, fruit, or any spices. My diet has consisted of nuts, beans, avocados, and broccoli for a month. I don’t feel much better. I am constantly exhausted. What the fuck am I going to do? Nothing — that’s the answer! The one thing I enjoy doing has been taken away from me. I cannot bear the thought of living in this manner for another 60 years.

Oh yeah — and I realized that the argument, “THIS guy with THIS disease STILL lifts more than you! What’s your excuse, you fucking pussy? Oh yeah, and THIS guy with ONE FUCKING LEG squats MORE than you!” really does make a lot of sense until you’re the one that has a disease for the rest of your life. Newsflash — I’m not Clint Darden. He’s a badass.


45 x 2 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 2
230 x 5
260 x 3
290 x 5 — I know I didn’t have another rep, and failing squats sucks.

60 Chin-ups


You’re a bad ass too man, just having a bad day. You think the types of people you mention don’t have bad days?

A book I read a while back, this guy got a disease that was going to kill him and cripple him. He pretty much said he let himself have 5 minutes or something like that in the morning to feel down. Then that was it. No more than 5 minutes because feeling down would do nothing more than ruin what time he had left.

Just focus your frustrations on trying to find something that will work for you. Can you eat any carbs at all? Has the Dr said anything about trying to heal your gut? What about medications? I don’t know the answer but I do know, giving up on something you enjoy isn’t the answer.