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My Quest For Strength


Woke up feeling sick once again and boy has my strength taken a hit. I am working faster and (mostly) without music though.


45 x 2 x 5
95 x 5
115 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 5
170 x 3
115 x 50

50 Chin-ups
50 Dips (RP)
100 Band PA

Kroc Row 75 lb. x 55 reps — RP (35, 20)


@T3hPwnisher how would you program ROM progression training with auto-regulation built in? I know Pavel speaks a lot about it in his books. Would you just take the 7-mat progression cycle and allow for leeway in the set/rep range?


Thinking about going with a template from Forever for next cycle.


Pretty much. Always go for AMRAPS, never for a set amount of reps. Pull more on good days and less on bad ones.


Awesome, thank you.


Okay, I’m thinking about lifting 2x/week in original 5/3/1 fashion (no, I don’t like 3/5/1) and simply doing event stuff on a third day.

So, it would look like this:

Day 1

SQ — 5/3/1
75 Chin-ups
1 x 50 Curls
Ab Work

Day 2

BP — 5/3/1
1 x 50 @ FSL (RP)
75 Chin-ups
50 Dips

Event Day 1

Lower Body Event Stuff

  • Car Deadlift AMRAP (trap bar pulls off blocks // shrug machine)
  • Farmer’s Walks
  • SSB Holds // Barbell Holds for time
  • Heavy Prowler Push

Day 3

PRESS — 5/3/1
75 Chin-ups

Day 4

DL — 5/3/1
1 x 90 sec. DOH Hold
Ab Work

Event Day 2

Upper-Body Event Stuff

  • Clean and Press AMRAP
  • Bottom Up Zercher Squats
  • Barbell Carry Holds
  • Arm-over-Arm Prowler

Repeat for 6 weeks, adjust TM as necessary.


I wouldn’t recommend these if you’re already doing SSB holds. You’d get more bang for your buck doing something like a zercher carry. Plus conans wheel and zercher carry is an actual strongman event. Zercher carries are usually done with a yoke but the barbell variation will do well to carryover I’d say.


I just can’t walk around with a barbell, haha. I figured Zercher holds are better than nothing. I figured I’d use Zercher Holds as a substitute of some sort for Conan’s Wheel.


Eh i guess. Imo You’re better off building all around strength than just doing alot of isometric hold variations. (There is a place for isometrics, don’t get me wrong) but i think in strongman doing things to replicate events is good but you wont see isometric yoke holds in strongman lol. I would be interested in seeing the impacts isometrics has though when you do get around to getting your hands on implements sometime.

Isometrics like SSB etc is great for the core +Zerchers really build the upper back but i think you’d find getting strong as fuck on SSB squats/ back squats (strength all over+for yoke) + Zercher lifts instead of zercher holds(e.g zercher squats/deads) would have better carryover. For example bottoms up zercher squats would have good carryover for the midpoint of atlas stones whilst building strength for conans wheel etc.


That point about concentric zercher squats is a great point. I will implement those instead of Holds. And honestly, I would use the SSB for all of my squatting and the trap bar for all of my deadlifting if I had access to them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I do not. I like the way I can fight for a rep with those rather than being limited by external factors. They also build each other.


There’s lots of different zercher lifts so you can switch it up whenever. My favourite front squat variation would have to be bottoms up front squats. Brutal! Can only imagine how brutal zerchers are. Starting my next squat session im doing a phase where I’m replacing front squats with zerchers squats from pins. My stone extension is strong from front squats so hammering the mid point and floor portion weaknesses should help atlas stones.

Dude trap bar and SSB are awesome!


Also, running with a backpack on hurts my back. It feels as though there is a heavy weight crushing my spine every time I take a step. It feels like muscular pain. Deadlifts felt alright, there was some residual pain but nothing to really be concerned over. The pain has gotten better over the course of a few days, but it’s not at 100%. It was really directed towards the middle/upper part of my back, and it was very sharp and noticeable directly after I put down the SSB. Thoughts anyone? It almost feels like a sore back.


From the heavy ssb holds yeah?




Sometimes you just gotta lift heavy as fuck. Not to the point of getting injured tho. When i was 14 i did 1rm smith machine squats. Not a good idea lol


90% of the time I’ll do some sort of squat on event days, try giving zercher squats a go. My concern is doing heavy holds twice a week will burn your body fast. Maybe this could be worth a go- Week 1: Heavy SSB Holds, Zercher Squats. Week 2: SSB Squats, Heavy Zercher Holds.

Edit: Duke made a much better alternative idea than I did. He also had some very good points.


@strongmanbrett are you under the impression that this is all being done in one week? Event Days 1 and 2 would happen 1 week away from each other. My plan is:

Week 1

Monday — Day 1

Wednesday — Day 2

Friday — Event Day 1

Week 2

Monday — Day 3

Wednesday — Day 4

Friday — Event Day 2

So basically, I’m taking two weeks for each “training week” of 5/3/1. A cycle would be 6 weeks long.


Marching in place would be your next best bet then. You’d get the same coordination/balance/micro-contractions, but don’t really need any room. I’ve done them a few times but usually stop coz people look at me funny :joy:


Ah, I was under the impression you would do it all in one week. My bad.


Not a problem lol, it was probably confusing. Also, if I tried to hit that much volume in a week I might die.