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My Quest For Strength


I’m midway through a cycle of 20/19/18! I’m not betraying Jim now.


The Improved Template

Day 1

DL - 3/5/1 (straps)
• 1 x AMRAP @ FSL
• Farmer’s Walk (ramping to heaviest manageable weight for 6-10 sec.)
• 1 x Barbell DOH Hold for 90 sec.
• 1 x 50 Curls
• Ab Work

Day 2

BP - 3/5/1
• FSL X 50 (RP)
• 50 Chins
• 50 Dips
• 1 x AMRAP Kroc Row

Day 3

SQ - 3/5/1
• 1 x AMRAP @ FSL
• SSB Holds (heaviest weight manageable for 60 sec.)
• 50 Chins
• Prowler Push (Heavy)
• Ab Work

Day 4

PRESS - 3/5/1
• 1 x AMRAP Push Press @ TOPSET
• 1 x AMRAP Strict Press + Pushpress @ FSL
• Prowler Push (Light)
• 50 Chins

Two-a-days + Home Workouts can be utilized here. I may have to ask my local gym to get a trap bar. See, if I had training partners, I could split the bill, but I don’t. I have to find a way to make strongman implements that can be easily assembled and taken with me (preferably something like high handles for the mini-barbells they use for curls at my gym.)

Also, I tweaked my back (more specifically, the mid-right section of it). I probably did this by not controlling my breathing/shaky midsection under a load well over 3x my BW. I am lucky I did not injure myself. I will be decreasing the weight and upping the hold times before I put myself out of commission.


Have you thought about underhand bb rows instead of curls? It hits your back and bicep at the same time. I’ve seen a few videos where guys who have huge deadlifts also have massive rows. Should work grip as well. Punisher would know more but figured I’d make the suggestion.


I haven’t looked into this, but I definitely will. Thanks for the advice.


You’d want to mix it up a bit instead of constantly going super heavy. some days try lighter runs for long distance or medium weight for medium distance.


I agree with Duke, strongman is as much technique as it is raw strength in my opinion. Foot speed and distance is pretty important if you want to improve your event numbers, as well as light technique work.
One of my favorite drills for yoke and farmers is 6-step drills. Pick the implement and accelerate it as fast as you can for about 6 steps or so then drop it and repeat. Do it with fairly little rest between each sprint.


@duketheslaya @strongmanbrett thanks for the advice guys! I will do those. Strongman is so diverse compared to powerlifting.

  • Considering getting off Instagram because if one more person messages me their PRs in an attempt to feel better about themselves I’m gonna lose it, haha. Might just stick to Youtube. :smile:


Well, that workout was a Herculean Effort. My Baseline Strength carried me through today. Woke up sick, almost threw up during the workout. I have zero energy. Also, I used no music or ammonia with deadlifts today - but I had to blast metal on the farmer’s walks. The retards in the weight room walked in front of me during my stroll with 315 — as they see me moving, and after they saw me walking with 225 and subsequently 275. I almost hurt myself for no reason today trying not to break someone else’s foot. I would’ve just dropped the bar, but I probably would have gotten expelled. I have to get higher handles.


135 x 2 x 5
185 x 3
230 x 5
265 x 5 (belt, chalk applied)
300 x 5 — took the fucking wind out of me.
330 x 5 — I willed the last rep to lockout.
365 x 0 — mistake!

230 x 22 (beltless, straps, RP)

Farmer’s Walks

135 x 10 ft.
225 x 10 ft.
275 x 10 ft.
315 x 10 ft.
365 x 2 x 35 ft. (Could walk farther—but no room!)
385 x 0 ft. (couldn’t pick it)

50 Ab Wheels
2:00 Plank

I would almost certainly be better off hitting the Prowler on Deadlift Days and focusing on speed whilst training grip. There is no room to do anything in that weight room. Also, I don’t like straps.



I need to get me some ammonia!! I’ve whiffed it once and boy does that stuff work.


It’s fun, but it’s artificial, so I’m gonna stay away from it until I really need it.


It fucked with my eyesight for like 2 days when I tried it. Definitely can’t be good for you haha


That’s cocaine buddy.


Why not have both? Or, better yet, Cocaine + ammonia + red bull


Lol, to be fair apparently it was the strongest ammonia you can get and I’ve never done it prior. I’d really love to try cocaine but unfortunately i have an addictive personality so that’s out of question ( I don’t condone drugs btw)


Don’t get hooked on drugs dude. Not fun


Exactly. They do make you feel good for sure when you take them but then they ruin your life. Not a path i will/want to take


Get yourself a decent gym. Less people fucking about

You guys have them on every corner in the US. Here in Oz we gotta make due with a handful


Depends on what I can realistically get to, haha. College should be better for this purpose.

@T3hPwnisher your concept of baseline strength intrigues me, and it really is quite Liberating. I know you talk about strength being built in proportion to the amount of effort applied to a workout, regardless of external circumstances (such as sleep and food deprivation, pre-existing muscular fatigue, etc.). If I workout under the conditions of being sick/being energy deprived; which unfortunately happens quite often, am I still building strength? I’m not asking if the workout would be wasted (that’s a silly assumption), I’m asking if that workout merely helps me to maintain strength or if it actually becomes a building block on top of my proverbial bodily castle.


My belief is that you’d still be building strength during that time. I have a notion of “bad day strength”, which is the stuff built during that time that you can tap into. There is the total baseline, and slightly above that is a bad day, but there’s a lot of value in knowing how to push yourself even when you feel awful.


Thanks for the perspective.