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My Quest For Strength


Thanks. Everything felt fast today, but I psyched myself out of those last few reps. I really wasn’t expecting to be fast today! But, it was a nice surprise anyway.


Good stuff man! You should be proud of yourself. Most people in your situation would have given up on the weights but you keep pushing through and getting better.


Thanks man. I appreciate that.


Did some Prowler Stuff! Worked up to 705 x 8 yd., rested 10 seconds, and pushed the last 2 yd. Holy fuck, that was hard. All up in 37 minutes.


165 x 2 x 10 yd.
255 x 2 x 10 yd.
345 x 2 x 10 yd.
435 x 2 x 10 yd.
525 x 2 x 10 yd.
615 x 10 yd.
705 x 10 yd. — PR!
615 x 10 yd.
525 x 10 yd.
435 x 10 yd.
345 x 10 yd.
255 x 10 yd.
165 x 2 x 10 yd.


Wtf lol


Jesus Christ, can you get me on the prowler program you’re doing???


@strongmanbrett I just decided to work up. Ball-busting work and Strongman go hand in hand, don’t they? Besides, I’m hoping that the overload work will help my Squat and DL.

@duketheslaya my feet wouldn’t stay in my sneakers.


Had a “meh” Press Workout today, but I set an SSB Hold PR. 610 x 33 sec. Also, fuck wrist wraps. Aside from hurting, they suck. I got them for free from EliteFTS. I may only use them for Squats.


45 x 2 x 5
65 x 3
75 x 3
85 x 3
95 x 3 (belt, wraps applied)
110 x 6 (this set was just all over the fucking place)

rest 30 sec.

Push Press AMRAP

110 x 8 — also all over the place!
85 x 20 (10 Strict, 5 Push, rest. 30 sec., 85 x 5 Push).

50 Chin-ups
75 x 50 (20, 10, 10, 10 Barbell Curls)

SSB Holds

160 x 5 sec.
250 x 5 sec.
300 x 5 sec. (belt on)
340 x 5 sec.
390 x 5 sec.
430 x 5 sec.
480 x 10 sec.
520 x 10 sec.
545 x 30 sec.
610 x 33 sec. — PR!

@T3hPwnisher would you cycle these in 3/5/1 fashion or just go for a PR every time I do them?


You unracked 610 pounds for 30 seconds? Tf. Stop this beastliness


Meh. It’s less impressive than a yoke, haha.


You’re going the strongman route right? It will probably help with yoke (Feeling some heavy weight on your back at least) nothing compares to a yoke though lol


Yup, I’m going for strongman. I mean, if I can’t hold it I obviously can’t walk it, right?


That’s great! man it’d be awesome if you, @strongmanbrett and i all end up competing against each other at a comp someday.


That’d be cool. But I’m sure as hell not going to Australia.:joy:


well there’s alot of different international comps held at different places. Right now the Official Strongman games is on and being held in Raleigh NC. Who knows, you may qualify for a competition in Australia and end up going there. You have lots of potential


Thanks man, you do too.


Are you talking about cycling holds or a different movement?


Holds or Prowler Work. I don’t have access to a yoke.


I would prioritize prowler over holds. You’ll get a lot more out of the former vs the latter. Holds can just be considered core work and thrown in for that regard.

For prowler, I’d have some days focused on speed and some days focused on conditioning. Could just alternate week by week, or 2 weeks at a time. Have some days where you try to push it as fast as possible and push off your toes, and other days where you just walk with it but do it until you die.

Also, if you can rig up a way to pull the prowler with a rope, you can do arm-over-arm pulls. If you can drag it with a rope, you can get some truck pull benefit. Both are events that occur in strongman.

The prowler is an awesome tool.


Okay. The Prowler is pretty awesome. My feet slid out of my shoes yesterday, haha. However, I didn’t catch Prowler flu, surprisingly.


Some Thoughts

  • I have to find a way to train in under an hour (including event stuff, with the exception of me hitting two-a-days), which will mean actually doing assistance work in between main sets and maybe changing up how I do my extra assistance (like curls, Dips, etc.). Cheat curls for sets of 50, RP Dips, stuff like that. I’ll be posting an improved template later today.

  • Today is one of those fantastic days when the inside of my stomach feels as though it is on fire.

  • I hate when teachers assign HW on a Saturday afternoon. Because everything is online, they do this often.

  • Really considering investing in a coach when I can finally eat semi-normally/focus on weight gain again.

  • I’ve raised my floor to past where my ceiling was a few months ago.

  • If I use straps on Deadlift Work and train my grip outside of Deadlifting, then did both my deadlift and my grip get stronger?
    How much grip training is enough grip training if I’m going to be using straps when I pull from the floor? Considering doing this.

  • Does pre-fatigue training (for example, giant sets) actually make you any stronger when you’re still getting the same amount of work in if you do your assistance AFTER the main lift?


This tends to be my experience. An easy grip training solution is, after your last set of deads for the day, take off a little weight pull a double overhand deadlift and hold for as long as you can at the top. When you hit 90 seconds, up the weight.

I find that, as long as you continue to improve under the same conditions, you’ll be getting stronger. If you get stronger in the pre-fatigue training, you’ll be stronger again.