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My Quest For Strength


Good job! How do you feel?


I still feel like shit. Not gonna lie.


Hit my Deload Work for today. Lowering my Press TM to 120 and building back up. Hit a slow single at 355, and a fairly easy Press single @ 120. Also, I picked up an old habit today and I’m happy to say the experience sucked. Won’t be going back to that for a long while.


135 x 2 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 3
275 x 2
315 x 1
355 x 1


45 x 2 x 5
65 x 3
75 x 3
95 x 2
120 x 1

25 chin-ups

2 x 15 Average Band GM


I’m probably not going to be using the belt this cycle. Time to get stronger without it! Also, I’m going to be pulling dead-stop to improve power off the floor.


Looking swole


Thanks bud


a few things, since I got tagged a couple times…

I don’t have to go crazy high on protein, as Chris mentioned. I get a ton of calories from carbs.

Can you eat dairy or eggs? Those are the only 2 major protein sources I didn’t see mentioned that I can think of that might work. I imagine milk might also cause gastric distress, but if you can eat eggs, that’s an awesome source of a lot of nutrients, aside from protein.

Box jumps… I’m not good at programming in general, but when I’ve done these, I just make sure I do a few things: 1. stay explosive. If you’re too tired to jump explosively, they won’t be effective. Don’t do these for high reps. If you do, it just turns into conditioning work. 2. step off the box. if you jump off the box, then all you’re really doing is jumping up and down. Box jumps are a way to practice explosive power (jumping) without causing stress on the joints (hips knees and ankles) that results from landing. There’s no reason to jump on a box if you’re going to jump off of it. Might as well just jump straight up and down without a box if you’re jumping off the box at the end, lol. Hopefully this makes sense. 3. Unless getting good at jumping onto high boxes is a specific goal, don’t worry about setting the box height super high. It should be a relatively challenging height, and high enough to reduce landing impact, but not so high that you’re barely clearing the edge. You don’t want to risk missing a jump. Youtube videos are generally not a good example of how box jumps should be implemented in training. Jumping to a max box height is not a particularly useful skill.


@flipcollar how are you, read about the crash. are you recovering well?


@flipcollar, I second that. Just wanna make sure you’re doing okay.


I may very well shift my focus to strongman training/work. Not saying I’ll be able to compete in any meets anytime soon, but it’s a shift.


I disagree with eggs, peanut butter, milk, and actually any kind of animal meat, as of right now. This intolerance to everything but milk should go away in a few months, supposedly.


hey guys, thanks for the concern! I’m definitely doing better. Just updated my log with a little bit more info. But overall, things are good.


@T3hPwnisher I just came across your blog. Good stuff, especially concerning your article on why discipline is pretty irrelevant. It’s a fresh way of thinking for me, especially since I recently fell back into my old ways (slip-ups won’t be the end of me, though).


Hey thanks dude. Glad you appreciated it. A great metaphor for slip ups (that I’m pretty sure I got from Dan John) goes like this

-When you are driving, and you get a flat tire, do you get out, go “F**k it” and flatten the other 3 tires, or do you change the tire and keep driving?

That was a big paradigm changer for me.


That’s a pretty awesome metaphor. Also, I just sniffed a fresh ammonia cap and died. It didn’t even get me pissed off, it’s just a fucking burning sensation. :joy:


As I write this, I realize there are two paths I can take that will dictate the path of my life, both socially and physically/mentally. I recognize that I am suicidal now, but I choose to stick around for the things I love in life: pretty girls, weightlifting, simple pleasures, and music. I enjoy being smarter than most people, and I recognize that I can go places with my intelligence if I apply effort in the right directions. I recognize that the entirety of my life is going to change for the better in a year and a half, barring my death from an unfortunate accident or an event that severely negatively alters my state of mind or physical being. I recognize that I need to be vigilant in tracking my food and other habits in order to feel better one day. While this day seems very far away right now, I recognize that I cannot succumb to self-pity if I am to make something of myself. I must do whatever is necessary in order to ensure my future success and happiness. I also recognize that what I am going through right now and what I have endured during my childhood is probably going to be the hardest and lowest phase of my life. I have been bullied, abused, hated, and a prisoner in my own mind. I have sacrificed more than I ever thought I could, and came out of the other side alive. I have also contemplated performing actions most of us cannot imagine executing, but I recognize that I can change my mental state/attitude. However, I recognize that these changes probably will not occur overnight. I recognize that my potential is great, and I recognize that I will act accordingly. With all of this being said, I can go down either of these two paths:

  1. I take up vaping once again, I let my disease fester and slowly kill me, I stop weightlifting, I stop trying in school, I succumb to self-pity and self-hatred, I let my self-esteem hang lower than my head, I become an avid people-pleaser, I go to an entry-level college (if I go to college at all), I end up with a dead-end job that I hate, I am a loner until my death, and I become nothing in the eyes of my family, of myself, and of society. In this scenario, I ultimately end up killing myself.

  2. I put in the immense amounts of work necessary now to excel in both high school and weightlifting, I feed positive habits, I never pick up a vape again, I heal my stomach by whatever means necessary (and go back to eating foods that aren’t exclusively quinoa and soaked almonds), I reinvent myself in college, I get a long-term girlfriend/wife, I start a family in a beautiful neighborhood, I get the job of my dreams, and I become a physically unstoppable human being. I compete in strongman, and I do what I want without worrying about what others think of me. I am just the right amount of uncivilized. I am a likable person, and I am not a pussy. I live a satisfying and fulfilling life, and I help others to do the same (specifically my children and my friends).

Just some thoughts of mine. I’m going to start writing more often.


Also, I’m probably going to make the switch to strongman training. I do enjoy 5/3/1, but I don’t think powerlifting is for me. I like the idea of being strong all-around, rather than being abnormally strong at the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift and being weaker than I should be conditioning-wise and strength+endurance-wise. However, I train at a Retro Fitness and typically have access only to a Prowler and a standard barbell+plates. Any suggestions?


Funny enough, what you described is what 5/3/1 is really good at. It’s not a powerlifting program, but tends to be good for all around strength and conditioning, which is why I tended to run it for my off season stuff.

I’d look into getting a sandbag or keg for home if you really want to open up your strongman capabilities. Can do a WHOLE lot with those. Carrying, pressing, loading, etc. Kegs can be super cheap too, though not necessarily purchased legally.


Will do. I’m just gonna stick with 5/3/1 then. However, I might incorporate push presses in place of strict presses for a while. Do you generally make any exercise substitutions?


The thing is, “strongman training” is more about “contest training”. If I have a competition coming up, THEN I’ll alter the training, because I’ll know how I need to vector my training. Otherwise, there are just too many variables to try to account for.

If it’s log coming up, I’ll swap out the bar for a log on all my press work. If it’s circus dumbbell, I’ll make that my supplemental lift. If it’s axle deadlift, I’ll replace my normal deadlift with that. Etc.

I keep pressing strict for the main press work. What I’ll do sometimes is follow the topset of the press with a push press AMRAP set using the same weight I just did for pressing or do a joker set push press. Sometimes, I’ll throw push press in for supplemental. But in general, I try to keep my strict press strength consistent.


But how do you add in things like carries or yoke walks? Do you simply do this as assistance? I may simply have to go with heavy static holds for now, at least until I can afford some decent equipment. Also, do you see any value in training without a belt?