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My Quest For Strength


Stomach was killing me this morning!


Hit a challenging Squat PR to end the cycle. Happy with that.


45 x 2 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 2
220 x 5
250 x 3
280 x 10 — PR!
305 x 1

315 x 0 (figured I’d go for broke, I was too fatigued).

Video coming soon. I owe Ab Work.


Just a question for you. What can I eat when I can’t eat meat or seeds (both of which fuck up my digestive system)? I really do try to slam nuts, beans, and potatoes (and if I’m honest, I felt a lot better when I cut out meat for 2 weeks), but I’m very worried about losing strength.


And if you already have the runs, the fiber will just fuel the :fire:


I don’t even have the runs, it’s worse. It’s just a whole lot of inflammation going on down there.


Chris might take this down but…


As a protein source? Fish is usually easy to digest, especially lower fat options. If you have to go vegetarian, I’d look at with rice protein or sprouted quinoa. Have you tried sprouting/soaking the nuts and seeds? Basically soaking the stuff in water for a day or more. I haven’t played around with it myself, but it’s supposed to drastically improve the digestibility and nutrient density.

Red meat or all animal meat? Steak sometimes messes with my stomach, so I tend to avoid it or make sure to have it rare (which, for some reason, I seem to digest easier). In either case, there’s zero wrong with cutting out meat especially if you specifically notice improvement.

Overall calories, rather than specifically protein, will play a bigger role in that. No worries. Again, when you give the body ample carbs and fats, it pretty much solely uses protein/aminos to rebuild, not to fuel performance.


I have been doing this for a long while, but I soak to the tune of 2 hours.

I’ve seen problems with all animal meat, unfortunately. I have to cut it out until the damage done to my gut heals.

Awesome to know, thank you! This is good to hear.


just checking in on the competition. looking good. i have to step up my game.


Hop on 5/3/1, you won’t regret it.


Update: nutritionist told me to fast tomorrow. Not too keen on doing this, but if it’s supposed to help, why not?


Feeling a lot better today than I did yesterday. Cutting out meat until I heal up.

Here’s my diet plan, in accordance with the restrictions placed on me by my nutritionist (which are: limit the number of foods you eat per day, eat one specific food when you eat, separate all meals by 2 hours, don’t mix fruits). On an average day, I wake up at 5 AM, and I’m either training at 5:30 AM (neighborhood gym, in the morning), 6:30 AM (football weight room, in the morning), or 3:30 PM (neighborhood gym, in the afternoon). So, I get to eat every 2 hours, which is pretty doable.

Breakfast: 3 cups Quinoa

  • (665 calories, 24 g. Protein)

Snack 1: 1 cup Almonds

  • (825 calories, 29 g. Protein)

Snack 2: 2 cups Potato Wedges

  • (570 calories, 15 g. Protein)

Lunch: 2 cups Split Pea Soup

(460 calories, 32 g. Protein)

Snack 3: Fruit

• (Carbohydrate Calories, Sugar Boost)

Snack 4: 1 cup Almonds

• (825 calories, 29 g. Protein)

Dinner: 3 cups cooked Chickpeas

• (492 calories, 43 g. Protein)

So, the plan is to ABE (always be eating). Hopefully I also gain some weight.

Looking at around 4000 calories and 175 g. of Protein per day, with a bit of room if I slip up. Back to Starting Strength Style Calorie Consumption!


A lot of food! Looks good man


Halfway done with this miserable fast.


I’m really struggling with not vaping. It’s been constantly on my mind for the last week.


Ah yes, a little will power goes a long way. I used to struggle with all the vaping bullshit too. My lungs and wallet were a lot happier once I stopped.


How long have you been quit for? I’m going on 4 months.


About 8 months from vaping, 1.5 years give or take sober from alcohol and weed.


Good stuff. Congratulations.


I made it through 30 Hours of No Eating! Wonderful.