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My Quest For Strength


Fixed that for you. @guineapig


Blue balls?


That doesn’t represent a dick tho





Nah, just a pain that comes and goes, unfortunately. It’s weird.


Update: not feeling well.


Woke up with a burning stomachache this morning. In for a fun day. I am exhausted, but I can’t sleep.


Okay, I have read some of your log not all of it.
Have you tried glutamine for your stomach?


I don’t think I can tolerate that. It comes in whey protein, right?


You can get it in capsule form. I have Graves (hyperthyroidism) and that shit wrecks my stomach. Glutamine really helps me with the diarrhea and bloating.


Okay, I’ll look into it. Thank you.


I think the most disappointing thing about the situation I’m in right now is that I didn’t realize how fucking easy I had it before. I could have literally done three things and gotten my mental state/life in order:

  1. Quit smoking, obviously. I should have never started in the first place.
  2. Extended myself to new people.
  3. Stayed out of my house for as long as possible each day.


I think the vast majority of people have these same thoughts. Hindsight is always 20/20. We have all made mistakes. They are there for a reason, learn from them! That’s how we all grow.
If smoking is a corcern, quit. I see no reason you can’t extend yourself to new people now. Removing yourself from a toxic environment is never a bad thing. It is necessary.


FWIW, lots of people get into cycles like this. Lots. What kicks them out of the rut will vary from person to person.

Some people need to set and achieve really easy goals to rack up a series of wins (like “make the bed every day by 8:15am” or “30 reps of pull-aparts every night”), some folks do better writing out long-term stuff they want to achieve (the stereotypical dream board that’s a collage of everything you want, ideal partner/home/job/toys/hobbies), and some people need to give themselves permission to have a good soul-cleansing cry with either tears or screams (or both).

If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac, that’s something specific to focus on. The plus side is, like you’ve already found, there are more than a few people who’ve been down the road and can help to guide you. Like CL said, L-glutamine can be beneficial for healing the gut. It gets (incorrectly) talked about for muscle-building benefits, but it’s real strength is for repair and immune support.

That shouldn’t be disappointing, because you actually have recognized it. Are any of those three things doable now? Kicking yourself for not taking action sooner doesn’t serve any positive benefit, but again that’s something a lot of people do.

You should check out the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson. I’m just about finished with it and there’s a lot of stuff about realigning your general perspective in order to reduce stress and improve quality of life.


Already done. 4 months in.

I can’t be in restaurants because I’ll just be sitting there. I know that there are plenty of things to do that don’t involve eating, but everybody loves eating. Also, I’m generally in too much pain to even think about socializing. Going to the bathroom as often as I do is also very embarrassing.


I mean…so far, I haven’t let my disease stop me from doing what I know makes me the most happy (I don’t like many of the guys in my classes anyway, simply because a lot of them are dicks and are very cliquey) — weightlifting. Honestly, it’s the only reason I still get out of bed in the morning or do what I have to do throughout the day. But recently, my gut health has been impacting how hard I can actually lift without having a “malfunction”, per se. It’s demoralizing, and it sucks. It sucks the enjoyment out of whatever I’m doing.


I am finally feeling relatively (physically) better than I have in the last five days. Going to the doctor tonight, pushing for an MRI to be done (just to make sure nothing is wrong with any of my other organs). Maybe my deadlift rep PR tomorrow isn’t out of the question.


Something I think a lot of people could benefit from reading (in reference to running OG 5/3/1 before running programs such as GIAB, BTM, or FSL+BBB:


Doctor tried to prescribe me anti-anxiety meds, believe it or not. I’ll have to look into taking these.


They may help. One thing to remember is they can take time. They take time to work and sometimes it takes time to find the one that works for you. Just don’t get discouraged if the first prescription doesn’t work for you.