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My Quest For Strength


Well, shit! Look what I found.

Digging around in those forums is going to be very helpful.


A bad one, haha. All I had going for me was strength and toughness. Technique was a mess. I moved around a lot, and it was tough to get settled into a team and get any fights. Only ever managed one MMA tournament before life got too busy.


Sometimes, that’s all you need.


Probably just going to run this basic template w/ the occasional Joker set. Not going for max reps on anything. Upping TM to 90%.

Day 1

  • 5/3/1 Squat
  • 5/3/1 Bench
  • 5 x 10 DB Bench @ FSL
  • Ab Work

Day 2

  • 5/3/1 Deadlift
  • 5/3/1 Press
  • 3 x 15 Average Band GM
  • Ab Work

Day 3 (Extra Assistance Day)

  • 50 Dips
  • 2 x AMRAP Kroc Rows (I usually get around 65-70 in 2 all-out sets with the 75 lb. DB)
  • 50 chin-ups
  • 5 x 10 Curls

Obviously, 4 x 25 Band Pull-Aparts will be done 3x/week. I had to split this into 3 days per week due to time constraints. I’ll also be doing a fair amount of throwing 3x/week. This season should be fun. I’d really like to hit a 330 x 11 DL on Tuesday just to say I’m “at” a 450 DL. I’d also very much like to hit a 275 x 11 Squat on Friday to say I’m “at” a 375 Squat. Fuck pressing, and benching definitely depends on me having a competent spotter.


Looks like a solid setup.


Thank you sir. Nice pulls as well! Do you pull dead-stop or touch and go?


Thanks dude. I pull touch n go, try to control the eccentric on most reps but that last few usually go down pretty quick haha.


I do the same, but I find that my eccentrics slow down on the final reps of a set (probably because I’m subconsciously trying to gather as much tension in the muscles as possible).


I find it very hard to stop myself from slipping into a cycle of self-pity, depression, and suicidal thoughts a lot of the time. I feel as though sometimes I would actually be better off dead, and it’s very easy for me to think about the fact that my life probably isn’t going to improve any time in the near future. My childhood sucked, but I dealt with it by looking forward to the day I moved out. I now know that moving out isn’t going to change any of the difficulties I face on a daily basis. I deal with the disappointment of knowing I’m going to be in pain for the duration of the foreseeable future, and I’m sad that my disease is going to make it a lot harder for me to maintain a social life or settle down and find a wife someday. Staying positive is hard for me to do; especially now. High school has been horrible so far.

Just had to get some thoughts down.


Update: feeling nauseous.


You’re not going to die early, you dont know that for sure. What you go through sucks man, but keep pushing for your goals and live your best life!! You got this


When I first started lifting weights in my early 20s I had the same problem. Sometimes I would literally have to cut a set of squats or deads short and RUN to the bathroom. It sucks but you have to push through it. A big thing that helped me was doing the elimination diet. I removed all gluten, milk etc from my diet. I eventually added them back in one by one but found out I had to stAy away from gluten or I’d get horrible stomach cramps. I also found out too much dairy made me really nauseous. Thankfully things got better as I got older but it does suck. It hindered my social life bc I was always afraid of having to get to a bathroom and not being able to. The specialist I saw told me that stress/worrying about it makes it worse. He also told me to stay away from caffeine which I still stay away from to this day. If I do drink soda, which I sometimes do post workout, I’m in the bathroom within the hour.

Just keep pushing through. You will find a significant other and whatever else you want in life.


My nutritionist said the exact same thing. I was in the hospital with my cramps. Are you diagnosed with Celiac? You have the more conventional symptom of diarrhea. Also, thanks for the encouragement. It’s just hard sometimes.


Thanks bud. Much appreciated.


Looks at log out of curiosity expecting beast heavy lifting

Diarrhea… wut lol


Long story short the specialist didn’t want to check for that. I ended up racking up so many medical bills I just gave up and kept track of what caused me problems and what didn’t. It does get better though, just takes time and adjustments.


Turns you on doesn’t it lol


Dude dafuq


Diarrhea… get you hard 8---- just reading the word lmao :joy::joy:


Update: not feeling well. The more accurate description of that is, it feels like my balls are trapped in a vise.