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My Quest For Strength


Okay. Here are the two sample templates I’m thinking of running:

    • TM @ 90% for all exercises
  • 3 x 5 Box Jumps before each session

3/5/1 Squat, 5s PRO + Jokers

  • Bulgarian Split Squat 5 x 5 @ 50%
  • 2 x 20 Average Band GM
  • Ab Work

5/3/1 Incline Press, 5s PRO + Jokers

  • Standing DB Press 2 x 20
  • 2 x AMRAP sets Kroc Rows
  • Ab Work

5/3/1 Power Clean, 5s PRO + Jokers

  • Hammer Curls 2 x 20
  • Pullovers 2 x 20
  • 50 Chin-ups/Pull-ups

Ab Work = 50 Ab Wheels/Weighted Sit-ups/Hanging Leg Raises + 1 all-out Plank Hold

18 Throws 3x/ week (including practice), working up from underweight. (8, 12, 16 lb.)


  1. Krypteia Phase 1. Taken straight from the Forever Book:
  • 85% TM is used.

  • Bench and Press are paired with DB Squat and DB SLDL in alternating fashion in sets of 10 for as many warm-up and working sets as you do.

  • Squat and Deadlift are paired with weighted Dips and Weighted Chins/Pull-ups for alternating fashion in sets of 10 for as many warm-up and working sets as you do.

  • The goal is to be done in 45 min.


Yes, full-body training is fine. I’m keeping Power Cleans (less stressful on the body) and minimal assistance on Fridays and cutting lifting down to 3x/week. The Deadlift is a bit too risky to perform in season (sore erectors = shitty performance).

Shotput training does not leave me sore, and it is very much less fatiguing than lifting.


I think either option could work, the only way to truly know would be to try them and see what happens.

That said, one is hypothetical and the other has been used by a legit coach with young athletes. It’s not fancy at all, but there’s precedent there for it to be effective.


I agree with you. I’m just worried about the assistance burying me! I may titrate it up as I adapt.


Fortunately, you have the power to dial it back if it’s too much!

Ha, just saw your edit. It could be a simple matter of just using less weight for the prescribed reps, or heavier weight and ramp up to the prescribed reps over time.


You’re absolutely right. Krypteia it is!


Cleans are great for explosive building.


You need three days with weights and two explosive plyometrics days. On the plot days broad jumps, med throws, jump rope, running bleachers, sprints, ladders, balance/ form work kettleball snatches, walking lunges etc.

Rough ideas for these days…

Day 1:
walk 1/4 mile, jump series, lunges, kettle ball work, turkish get ups

Day 2:

Walk 1/4 mile, med ball series, bleachers, ladder work foot work and balance drills.


I am gonna out in a vote for kryptiea again only because in season work and joker’s is gonna tear you up.

For the assistance work use lower weight than you think you need and slowly work up. Focus on the compounds being good bar speed and strong reps. The assistance can be reduced to lower weight depending on how you feel.


Could these plyo days also be used for explosive work? I’d be doing throws on these days as well.


Ok, so you could just alternate between workout a: squat, bench, rows and b: power clean, ohp, and chin ups. You could do something like alternate between 5’s progression up to a heavy 5 one session and a rep max the next. Do upper body plyos as part of your upper body warmup and lower body plyos for lower body. Start with less volume (like maybe one work set for sq/bp/pc/ohp per session, 3-4 rows/chins) and add more if you are recovering well.


Question for you about Krypteia: is it meant specifically for football players? I only say that because I have to do single-leg work of some kind. Also, I got the assistance exercises I outlined in my first plan from Bill Starr’s protocol for throwers.


I can’t fully answer that question since Jim is the creator of the program. That said, I think it’s safe to infer from his writings that the answer would be no. Jim seems to treat lifting as GPP work for athletes and practice/skills training as the specific work to get better at that craft.

I think if you were to swap the goblet squats for some kind of lunge variation, you would be just fine.


I completely agree with @mr.v3lv3t.
You could easily trade goblet squats for lunges or split squats.


This is a great idea. Thank you.


Holy FUCK, throwing is not fun to do while fatigued.

Kroc Rows

75 lb. x 40 reps (PR!) - each arm
75 lb. x 10 reps - each arm

  • A bunch of silly shit (lunges, light hang cleans, light hang snatches, some bullshit incline + bench work, etc.)

  • 20 throws (best was 27”, happy because I did all that work beforehand, including other throwing drills that left me fatigued)

Regardless, I may be enjoying a requisite reps only special tomorrow for Bench.


Yep just giving you some ideas. Use those days to work on explosives without weights.


Single leg work is awesome for athletes!


Edit: Not lifting tomorrow. I’m going to take the extra 45 minutes to sleep, feed heavily tomorrow, and bench after I squat on Friday (because, obviously, setting a Squat PR is much more important to me than setting a measly bench PR). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In more pain. Sometimes I really wonder who would actually miss me if I just disappeared. I would bet the contents of my bank account that I could count those people on one hand, if that. It’s pretty amazing that I haven’t managed to make a single close friend in the time I’ve been in HS. What’s even more amazing is that my life can be paralleled to being stuck in prison.