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My Quest For Strength


Feeling fairly nauseous right now.


Sorry for highjacking your thread :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


It’s all good man. I’m not opposed to having conversation here.


Note: left knee feeling wonky. Going to invest in a pair of knee sleeves. I can get a quality pair for $30 from elitefts.


Those the heavy duties? I like them for all workout wear. The Super Heavy Duties are a bit much, and I only wear them for single events.


Yes they are the heavy duty ones. I think they were paralleled to a light knee sleeve.


Sounds about right. Nothing performance enhancing, just some light compression.


Awesome. I don’t want the knee to die out on me, so I’d better get some. Also, do you have any specific pieces of equipment you use for sore elbow joints? That really is the best way I can describe it. They also pop when I flex my tricep.


I don’t have many knee problems, but these are on my list of “future purchases”. Let me know how much they help out


Will do.


Mine pop frequently as well.

To treat sore elbows, I’m a fan of minband pushdowns and very lightweight curls. HOWEVER, the cause of sore elbows tends to be a product of flexing at the elbow joint rather than the muscle. When you do these movements, focus on using the muscles to move your arm, rather than the joint. It’s tough, but the mind-muscle connection is valuable.

I use some elitefts HD elbow sleeves for my topsets, which I think helps. I bought the slingshot cuffs a few years ago, and I’m not too big a fan. They stretch out too easy.


@T3hPwnisher Awesome. Thanks for the helpful info.


Crushed a Squat PR today. 250 x 14. Today was a workout of the particularly murderous variety. Walking tomorrow should be interesting. Hit some Jokers and FSL, did a few sets of chins, and left.


45 x 2 x 5
135 x 5
165 x 1
190 x 5
220 x 5 — fast
250 x 14 — PR!

275 x 5

300 x 1

225 x 5 x 5 (beltless)

50 chin-ups
5 x 5 Ab Wheel
2:00 plank


The proverbial 2x BW Squat has been reached (hopefully!)


Note to self: maybe I should have gone for a 15th rep with 250. That probably would have sounded and felt a lot more impressive. But, I haven’t failed a squat in a few months, and I genuinely thought there was a good possibility that I would fail that last rep.


Damn! That’s impressive shit right there brother, good job.


Thank you sir! Whoever says that 5/3/1 ISN’T secretly a bodybuilding program is wrong.


Alright. Well, my bench is horrible, but I can give you some Squat tips. Firstly, if I’m going to help you I’m going to need to know how advanced your Squat is relative to your BW. This will help me to give you a program to increase your Squat (but, any program that isn’t a complete clusterfuck that you give 100% effort to will boost your squat. Giving 100% effort involves being very uncomfortable most of the time.) Even though you can only Squat 255, I’d recommend you begin 5/3/1 and bust your ass. Begin with an 85% TM (if you don’t do this, you will fail. Your training max does not determine your dick size) and work hard. This may involve doing over 10 reps on 1s and sometimes 3s week. Add 5 x 5 supplemental work afterwards @ the weight you did on your first work set of the day. Do some direct ab work (planks, ab wheel) and medium-weight, high-rep Good Mornings. Also, out of curiosity, what is your Deadlift? Good luck, don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any more questions.




Im about 176lbs when full and nearly 5ft 9. Im 16 years old too if that helps in any way.I eat like crazy.Since Im 16 and dont have a job, regularly buying chicken is hard. I eat lots of rice,potatoes,spaghetti,and eggs.
(I started squatting about 2-3 weeks ago.)
I have a PR log in which you can see how much i progressed on bench, squat ,and dead lift.
As you can see i am a complete noob at squatting.I dont know how many sets or reps to do.
I just slowly warm up to a heavy single or double,then I do some drop down sets.


Don’t do this. Focus on reps. Volume with heavy weights gets you strong. Look up 5/3/1 and get started. I’m 180, formerly 195. We can both afford to gain some weight.