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My Quest For Strength


Also, Light band from elitefts is coming in the mail today. Band pull-aparts just might make it tolerable for me to flat bench. I’m getting a belt in 2 weeks, just as soon as my job decides to pay me :pensive:


Got a giant headache last night, didn’t get to eat much over the course of the day.


Hey, quick question. Sorry to bother you again, but do you do heavy KB swings? Or do you do them for more reps at a lighter weight? I only ask because the heaviest KB at my gym is 53 lb. I have a 45 lb. KB at home that I use for conditioning work on occasion. Obviously heavy to me isn’t heavy to you, but I’m asking in terms of what qualifies to you as “heavy.”


I honestly haven’t done them in a VERY long time, but when I did, I only had a 45lb kettlebell, so I just used it to drill the movement mechanics.


Okay, thanks. I mean, the answer to my problem could be either low block pulls, paused deadlifts, or even more volume work, so I think some experimentation is in order.


I genuinely don’t think you have a problem here. I mean, if you get your lockout really strong, wouldn’t that just mean you’re weak off the floor?


That’s true. It just irks me that breaking off the floor is almost easy, but I can’t finish the lift. It’s not even like I pull with a rounded back (which would explain failing above the knee), my back is mostly straight even during the last reps of the pull.


Would it irk you less if you never had a chance to find out if your lockout was weak or strong because you simply were never strong enough to get the weight off the floor?


I think not finishing the lift would irk me about the same. Would block pulls necessarily hurt my speed off the floor? I’ve never done them before. I wouldn’t be replacing anything with them. I’d have to go to the gym again at some point later in the day or do them off the Smith Machine in my school. I’d rather not do the latter.


You’d just have to figure out what you’re going to take OUT of your training to put them in. In truth, speed off the floor tends to be a question of set-up rather than assistance exercises. Lockout is similar. Technique goes a long way.


Okay. Thanks for your help.




Grip was very taxed today. Also, didn’t set a PR, but I think I could have had another rep or two had my setup been tighter. Looking forward to getting chalk (left hand is getting beat up from DB rows significantly more than right hand because I think my grip is weaker on my left hand. As a result, the top of the dumbbell is bruising my left wrist. Might drop weight next session). Also, might switch from Incline to flat bench next cycle just for a change of pace.

Incline Press

45 x 5
65 x 5
75 x 3
100 x 3
115 x 3
130 x 9
5 x 10 x 100 (easier than my last 5 x 10 w/ 95 lb.)

DB Rows

5 x 10 x 80 lb. (each arm)

5 x 20 Band Pull-aparts


Couldn’t get to the regular gym today, so I went to the school gym and did my scheduled assistance + some KB swings and band pull-aparts. I’ll call this one a conditioning session, will do my main lift w/ scaled-back assistance on Monday.


3 x 5 12 lb. Med Ball Slams

10 x 5 Chins

50 lb. x 6 x 20 Swings

10 Min. @ AMRAP Push-ups: 130 — PR!

6 x 10 Band Pull-Aparts


Something in my body is making me weaker. For the last few months, I’ve had a whole plethora of digestive problems, and in the last week, I’ve had more than a few very bad headaches. I guess my organs are falling apart, lol. Finally seeing a doctor for this in just a bit under a week to see if whatever is ailing me is really Celiac. If it’s not, I may be in more trouble than I thought.


Shit hope you get it sorted soon man


Woke up feeling like absolute shit today, still do. Dropped 5 pounds over the weekend out of nowhere. Still going to hit my main lift for the required reps and get out. Movement is the enemy of death. Unfortunately, I’m obviously not going to be a lifter who lifts 600 or 700 pounds, but I can do my best to be better than I was yesterday.


You will be able to lift that man. Have faith


This is a silly thing to conclude so young in your journey. Matt Rhoades managed with Marfan syndrome and Clint Darden pulled 800 with ulcerative colitis. You can overcome a lot.


That is very inspiring. And something I will keep in mind. Thanks for that. I think I’m gonna go for a PR set of squats today.