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my quest for some


I understand this has been discussed in the past but I was hoping to get a discussion going in which we can really get some concrete data, scientific as well as anecdotal. I am absolutely intrigued by vascualrity. To me, having veins popping out of your arms, abs, etc. is the most impressive part of a physique. I would almost rather increase my vascularity than increase muscle mass at this point because it just looks so impressive to me.

In my quest for vascularity I recently shaved my arms and damn what a difference. I feel like a totally new man with a new physique. I have veins popping out of the top of my forearms that give me a boner. 6 people came up to me in the gym and told me how good I was looking yesterday. Little did they know it was simply an optical illusion.

So in your experience what brings out vascualrity? Obviously you have to be relatively lean to begin with. But what else can you do to get those ?ropes? that I desire? This list should even include anabolics, I understand that EQ has some amazing effects on vascularity. Any info would be great.


i know the feeling P-dog i have been shaving my arms and recently shaved my abs,i have 2 very clear,bulging vains running thru my lower abs and it just looks awesome! i would like some more hints as well....what about drinking a glass of wine? i have read that bodybuilders do that before stepping on stage to increase vascularity......




I wish I could give myself a boner.


Just started EQ at 1,000 mg this week half for the next 7 so I'll let ya know, I'm about 8% bdft. I also get a woody over some wicked vascularity.


fat loading


Does blood pressure have to do with vascularity? I ask because when I get a pump I have ridiculous vascularity, even when holding 10-11 % BF during bulking. But the rest of the time when my heart rate is nice and relaxed it pretty much completely disapears. Along the same lines, I can get such a pump sometimes that I swear my arms will grow 1-1.5 inches in one session and then once the blood flow subsides it goes back to normal. Same with my shoulders, chest, and quads. I can go into the GYM looking pretty good and decently sized. I can walk out looking freakishly huge (for my frame). I know I'm not the only one who notices because a few huge dudes at the GYM start looking at me funny about halfway through a work out. As if to make sure I was the same person they saw walking in. I've also had workout partners comment on it. Just a cardio-vascular thing unique to me? I have a good stroke volume, recovery HR, and low blood pressure normally.


Vitamin C is supposed to be very good for the circulatory system and building of blood vessels. Not sure if you would notice anything as a result of taking it, but it wouldn't hurt...


Hot-Rox is a vasodilator, which means it will increase the size of your veins, and just might make you look more vascular!!! I don't think it will last after discontinuing use.


thunder, thats an interesting point, because i seem to be more vascular on a carb up day. for example if on my cheat day i wake up and go get some doughnuts (which in retrospect contain fat and carbs) my veins bust out big time.

as far as the EQ goes or other anabolic related increases in vascularity. are the increases in vascularity that is related to anabolics permanent, or does it vanish over time?


P-DOG, eating donuts is textbook fat loading, not carb loading. What you notice when you do that, is normal. This is another reason (yet not the main one) why fat loading works so well the day before and day of a show.

If you're depleting, a sound fat load will fill you out and make you vascular like nothing else.


the leaner you are the more veins you will see, i think? so if your goal is to have buldging veins, then getting to 5% would be what ur looking for.


Not all the time. If you're really lean, and yet really flat, you'll have little, if any vascularity.


thunder thanks for the replies.

does anyone know if the aas related increases in vascularity is permanent or not?


No, it isn't permanent.


Does anyone remember seeing Shawn Phillips triceps in a before and after pic when taking glycerol. It was in muscle media 2000 back when TC still wrote for them and the mag didn't blow.


You mean when he CLAIMED it was from the glycerol?


I remember that pic well. I bought some glycerol after seeing that!


thunder, what are your thoughts/recommendations on niacin or other otc supps for vascularity?


This is vintage poliquin. You cant see your veins? You see that fat guy in the mirror. Its you. You need to do this exercise everytime someone offers you a plate of food. Turn your head once to the left and once to the right and repeat for two reps. that should help.