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My Qualification Process

I made this subject especially for those two because I know they’re interested, but it’s for anyone else who cares as well. Anyway, on sunday I had the first real part of the qualification process- there were 420 of us (and another 9 days identical to mine before), we were split into groups of 15-20, and did sprinting drills, sprints where the first 4 got the “joy” of carrying a stretcher with 165 on it, carrying a 55 pound sack on our backs for 35 minutes, and digging a 1meterX1meterX1meter hole. All this lasted for about 3.5 hours, with minimal rest, and at the end, out of the 17 that started the day in my group, 11 had lasted, which was pretty much what happened in all the other groups. At the end of the day, 35 out of the 420 that started had been moved on to the next stage of Sayeret Matkal (equivalent to Delta Force, SAS), and we were called again today (monday) for further psychological screening. Out of the 35, about 6 were moved down to a lesser unit. The next stage is the 5 day qualification in early April. We will be about 300, and 50 will make it, and those who make it are admitted into the unit, for another 20 months of training, and if they don’t get kicked out, they are officially admitted into the “unit”, and are known as “warriors”.