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My Quads are Going to Blow!


I tore my hamstring one month ago. I did legs for the first time today since dec 23rd.
My hamstring feels great. after I warmed up I started to front squat my numbers went
Bar x 12
95lbs x 12
115lbs x 12
145lbs x quads cramped bad!!!

now before my hamstring tear I was doing 275-295 lbs for sets of 8.

So my quads were shot and felt like they were 2 reps shy of being tore off the bone!! I massaged them and went on the leg extension machine for some sets with 20 plus reps with no pain or cramping.... after that my legs were ok. I finished my leg workout with some other easy shit.

I have no idea why this happened.
anyone with ANY insight would be appreciated!


I am going to assume that everything seems normal at this point.
Yes, I have had similar experiences with cramping. I suspect that it is just because of the layoff. You said hamstring tear? That usually takes more than a month to heal?


I'm really hoping its from the layoff and not some wierd imbalance from the hamstring injury.
I guess I just healed quickly :slightly_smiling: