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My PWO Creation


Ok here is what I did PWO, tell me what you think. Personally it's cheap as shit and quite honestly I don't think it's that bad so here goes.

1 scoop of whey (23g, microfiltered, ion-exchange concentrates and isolates, whey peptides)
35g of dextrose
15g of maltodextrin
5g creatine
5g glutamine
1/2tsp salt
16 ounces of watah!

Tell me what you think and any adjustments you would make.


No branched-chain amino acids... its crap.





Looks good to me X-Factor.



Thanks JW, so far we have add BCAAs, lets see what other people say.


Mmm...what do you think whey consists of? Where do you think Surge gets its amino acids from? Hydrolyzed whey is best, but you could do worse than whey isolate. Personally, I would recommend 1:1:1 ratio of dex, hyrdoloyzed whey, and malto. Whey isolate can be substitued if you can't stand the taste. Or just man up...


Compare the amino acid profile in the whey to Surge. You might be pretty good. Of course, extra BCAAs never hurt. Thib recommends adding them to Surge in his most recent article. Not necessary for good recovery though. But a good thing to throw in.


I'm a student on a budget in the same boat (need a cheap PWO drink) however I've only been using dextrose in my PWO shake. Where did you buy your maltodextrin?

For Christmas I received a 10 pound tub of Muscle Juice made by Ultimate Nutrition, which contains the following per two scoops:

Calories: 495
Fat: 9g
Carbs: 75g
Protein: 22g

Ingredients: Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Premium Whey Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate, Egg White Albumen), Maltodextrin, Crystalline Fructose, Cocoa, Medium Chain Triglycerides and Natural and Artificial Flavors.

Would this be an adequate PWO drink or am I better off with a homemade version as stated above? Or maybe a mix of the two? Thanks!


I use something similar, but even simpler:

1 scoop ON 100% whey
3 scoops gatorade powder
6 bcaa capsules (gnc brand, the kind with lots of leucine, like JB says)

Pretty cheap, especially for a student.


if you really want to save a buck, you can by BCAA's in powder form if you check out a horse supplement mag or website. I've bought 10lbs buckets of this stuff before, the amino acid numbers are quite high and the price is excellent. however it does taste like crap. throw in some malto and dextrose from a micro-brewery and you're all set. Cheap, but definately tastes like crap.


Why only one scoop of whey? Are you an anorexic girl? I would double or even triple the protein, dude.

Other ingredients look good.


Which kind of bcaa's do you use? GNC has a few. Man I hate GNC.


I was trying to mimic Surge really. As for the hydro, it's just a pain to get my hands on, and expensive.

I also added 1g Vit C, and 400UI of Vit E, for anti-oxidants and gettin rid of free-radicals.

As for the malto and Dex, go to a brewery supply store or a wine making store, it is WAY cheaper than name brand shit, seriously, I got like 5 kilos of each for like $20.


Leave out the salt. It's doing absolutely nothing for you anyway and most people have too much sodium in their diet to begin with. If you were deficient in electrolytes to the point you needed that you'd already know.


PS, I prolly will add another scoop of whey, pwo shakes used to make meeting my 300g of protein a day easier to attain.


My 3 favorite PWO drinks are:

Chocolate milk

Orange juice and vanilla protein

3 scoops gatorade 1 scoop protein


The main adjustment I would make is to point out that this website is offered to us for free by a company that makes its money selling quality supplements.

So, you're kind of un-grateful.


I'd just buy Surge. What a pain in the ass to mix all that stuff.


It looks pretty good, but I'd double the Protein, dextrose, and malto (and water).

What kind of creatine are you using? If it's monohydrate, do you think you are absorbing it? Personally, I've never had much luck with creatine so I don't include it, but I've been thinking about trying some CEE just to see if I get anything from it.

Oh, and, why the salt?


Mine is:

1 scoop of whey

2 cup organic vannila fat-free yogurt(with added sugar)

1 cup skim milk

some blueberries

1 banana

Total calories:735 calories,121 carbs,1.5 grams of fat,and 51 grams of protein.Yummy!