My Push/Pull/Legs Routine

I have been doing 5/3/1 for about 6 months. I am interested in writing my own routine so here it is.


Barbell flat bench 5x5
Standing shoulder press 5x5
Dips 4x10

Deadlift work up to heavy set 3-10 reps
Dumbbell row kroc rows
Back extension
Preacher curl 3 sets, 4-10 reps
Seated db curl 4 sets 8-10 reps


Squat 3x5
Leg press 3x6-10
Step up 2 sets 10-20 reps
Calf raise

High incline barbell bench 3x6-10
Dumbbell bench press 3x8-10
Dips 4x10
Barbell skullcrushers 4x8-10

Power clean â?? 5x3
Chin up 5x5
Barbell row- 4x6-10
BBShrugs -3x10-20

Legs 2
Squat- 3x8-20
Leg press 3x10-20
Step up â?? 3x10-12
Calf stuff

obviously i am posting this for comments/criticism. I am an idiot for not adding that.

Is there a reason you feel a need to make your own program instead of just continuing 5/3/1?

well i stalled on a couple lifts, and although i know i could deal with that in a few ways while still using 5/3/1 i just feel like i need a change. I also want to get more into a bodybuilding sort of program. I may still use the 5/3/1 weight/ rep scheme if i feel the need.