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My Push/Pull Critique


I have a herniated disk (L5-S1) I've been training 5 years with high volume 5 days per week.
Critique please.

MONDAY (HEAVY PUSH)- Chest,shoulders,Triceps and Quads
Decline Barbell Bench Press 2x6(Last set near to failure)
Flyes Machine 2x8
Machine Shoulder Press 2x10-8 (Last set near to failure)
Lateral raise dumbell 2x10-8
Barbell Triceps Extension Behind The Head 3x8-6 (Last set near to failure)
Triceps pushdowns 3x8-6
Bulgarian Squat 3x12-10
+ abd crunch 4x25 + Plank & Lateral Plank 3x30''

TUESDAY (HEAVY PULL) - Back @ rear delts @ Biceps @ Hammgstrings
Pull-Ups Weighted 2x6 (Last set near to failure)
One-Arm Dumbbell Row 2x8 (Last set near to failure)
Dumbells Middle Back Shrugs (suported chest) 2x8
reverse flyes dumbells 3x8
dumbell alternate curl 3x8 (Last set near to failure)
preacher curl 3x8
Hammstring machine 3x10-8
+ abd crunch 4x25 + Plank & Lateral Plank 3x30''


THURSDAY (LIGHT PUSH) - Chest @ Shoulders @ Triceps @ Quads
Incline Barbell Bench Press 3x10
Incline Dumbell Press 3x10
Cable Lateral Raise 3x15-12
Front dumbell raise 2x15-12
Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension 3x12-10
Tricep cable Kickback 3x12-10
Splits walking dumbells 3x15
Leg Extensiones machine 3x15
+20' walking

FRIDAY (LIGHT PULL) - Back,rear delts,Biceps and Hammstrings
V-Bar pulldowns 3x10
One arm Cable row 3x10
PullOver dumbell 2x10
Machine reverse flyes 3x12
Hammer curl 3x12-10
Preacher curl dumbell 2x12-10
Hammstring machine 3x15-12
+ 20' walking


too many exercises


I will put less sets?


Take extra rest days as needed. You'll probably find you'll be feeling burned after a few weeks being strict with your training days.

With your setup, I would probably cut back on the exercises to some degree. I know you have an injury, I don't know to what extent, so I'm not going to recommend any other exercises for replacement.


I have a herniated disk L5-S1 dont can heavy squat and heavy shoulders presses.

And if I reduce the volume even more? the Light days dont go to failure and the heavy days near or only last set.

Re-edited the routine, see it. I make a nice warm-ups to make the sets heavys.