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My Pursuit of Excellence

G’day all, bit of background, I’ve just turned 23, 6’ 1" tall, and 95kg (About 210lbs I think)

Been lifting since I was 19, mostly bodybuilding stuff I read in all the magazines before switching to CrossFit about 12 months ago, to suit my requirements. Suffice to say, I made better gains with CrossFit and I intend to keep going with it.

My problems lies with the fact that a significant amount of that 95kg is bodyfat, and I’ve noticed myself becoming very lazy with nutrition and effort.
This has a noticeable effect on my self-esteem, and more recently, my low level of bodyweight fitness cost me a position on a course that would’ve changed my life.

My hope is to put regular updates out to the public so I’m no longer just deceiving myself.

Anyway, my goals:

  • Drop down to sub 87kg, predominantly bodyfat (In under 8 weeks)
  • Achieve a minimum of 80 pushups in two minutes (Four months, current level is 55)
  • Achieve a regular standard of 15 heaves (Four months, current level is 8)
  • A minimum of 5 muscle ups (Six months, current level is 0)
  • Abs (or sub 7% bodyfat) (Aiming for 12 weeks maximum)

It’s time to get cracking!

Kicked Monday off with a work capacity workout for PT this morning. Starting at a chin up bar, flip a bigfuckoff truck tyre 10 times away from the bar, run back, 10 burpees with a chin up, run back to the tyre, ten more flips further out, back to the bar and so on, for about 35 minutes.
We’re off this evening for a navigation excercise/pack march for about 6 hours. Looking forward to a long swim tommorrow for sure.

Fucking killed me, but I definitely went overboard on lunch/dinner at the mess hall. Downside to eating there is all the food is right there, and my willpower is lacking. Something to work on!

We’re off this evening for a navigation excercise/pack march for about 6 hours. Looking forward to a long swim tommorrow for sure.

No time to take any weight measurements etc, might save that for once a week.

Overall - Displeased with my lack of self-discipline in regards to food. Immediate goal - Avoid all grains/wheat/rice/sugar for the rest of the week.

Hey, just found this and read about your crossfit experience. It sounds like you’re in the military. Have you checked out militaryathlete.com? If not, I recommend you do.
Did his stuff for about 4-5 months and it was great. Kept me very lean, yet I got stronger.

Thanks mate, I had a look earlier. Definitely seems to focus more on our type of work. Gonna kick off Friday (It was Australia Day today and I’ve been partying since 1500), and see how we go. Thanks!

Good luck on that. The sessions will be freakin hard in the beginning and you probably wanna scale the weight to get used to the volume. Will follow to see how this goes!

Ho-ly shit. Had a crack at the 2 hour Depletion WOD this morning. I’m in love. And I can’t really raise my arms at the moment. Fantastic!!

I’ll definitely be having a crack at Military Athlete in the run up to my next intake. Thanks JT, legend.

On the negative side, still weighing in at around 96kg. Having some severe problems with self-discipline. Chris Shugart posted an excellent Hammer blog earlier in the week, gonna have to suck it up and deal with the sugar/caffeine cravings! (and potentially stop being a weak cnut)

Been about two weeks since my last update. Poor form on my behalf indeed.

I’ve noticeably lost some bodyfat, but I put that down to some of the amazing workouts from MilAthlete. My diet is SHITHOUSE.
Far from sticking to the zone diet, which I know works, I’ve been eating all sorts of deep fried, crumbed crap. I am disgusted at myself, but I seem to lack the self-discipline to not eat loads of shite. Gotta start waking up to myself…

Down about 2kg, and noticed it in the shower this afternoon.

Took a couple of days break from MilAthlete, 30min of bag work yesterday and knocked out a PB of Fran today, with 7m12s. Chucked in a quick core circuit afterwards too.

So my fitness is improving, and I’m definitely seeing hypertrophy. Gonna fine-tune the diet and introduce extra fish oil. Not Biotest however, as I can’t justify the price.

Good to hear youre enjoying MA.
I’ve actually moved back to 5/3/1 for the strength work.
Gonna be following your log though.

Thanks mate.

Really starting to get control of my diet! Yesterday cut all caffeine, so was very lethargic. Feeling OK this morning, but we’ll see how I go after this afternoons workout.

Ran to work yesterday, 16km (10mi) in 1hr 35, pretty happy with the effort. Few hills on the way but nothing major.

Overall, happy with the previous seven days. Will get some weight/measurements up sometime this week.

Good luck with your training. I thinking dieting to attain a low level of body fat is probably the shittiest and most frustrating part of any training routine, but stick with it and you will be thoroughly rewarded.

Well that was a pretty shit test of my commitment, this log. There’s always a chance for redemption, however.

I failed pretty damn hard in my quest to drop weight. My weight increased to and has stayed very steady at 100kg (220lbs), but my fitness has increased very well over the last 8 months (fuck has it been that long?!)

I’ve still been following MA and Crossfit, and doing well, but my bodyweight exercises (pushups and heaves) aren’t progressing as fast as I’d like.

Some good news, to balance out the bad, is that I’ve finally discovered the Anabolic Diet, and I’m loving it. Have honestly never felt better about a diet in my life. I’m rocking a steady 97kg for the last two weeks, and I’m very confident I can drop another kg of fat, not water, by Saturday.

I’m going to bookmark this page, and keep the ball rolling. Godamnit I will be looking good for summer and the beach

Things have been going well the last two weeks. I’ve dropped a solid 5kg so far, looking and feeling a lot better.

Had a bucks night in place of the carb up, cut sick but smashed water so was feeling well enough Sunday to avoid a massive carb-loaded breakfast.

Training is going solid, still slow on the pushups though

What a crappy year. Got hit hard with a torn common flexor tendon, and inflammation like crazy. That’s finally clearing up, after 4 injections and thousands spent on ART, to turn around and develop lateral epicondylitis. L


I got fat as hell over the year, hitting around 120kg. I injured my quadratus lomborum and had to stop squatting and running, and hit the piss hard and got lazy as fuck. Paying for it now, but stepped the diet up and finally got myself on track, almost.

Been lifting again for about 3 months, still can’t deadlift over 90kg without elbow pain, but instead going for crazy reps. Back issue cleared up and squatting and running again, only not fast as I partially tore the origin of my semitendinosus. Yeah, way injury prone.

Getting back on track though, deadlifted 90kg today for 3x 21, power cleaned and pressed 80kg, squatted 100 for 3. Keeping the fat high to lower inflammation, lose the enormous gut I found myself with and you’ll be hearing much more from me.