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My Proviron Is an Oil

i just bought Proviron from AS and its supposed to be an oral and i opened it and it was an oily substance. Does this look rite to you guys?

It is unlikely to actually be an oil, as Proviron has poor oil solubility.

If by AS you mean the same stealthy guys that I’m familiar with, they use a solvent that one might mistake for an oil for Oral Turinabol, which indeed is capable of dissolving material such as Proviron. So it’s entirely possible for the Proviron. Anything they do is going to be liquid, as you know.

There will be a product code (color bars or color bar) that will let you verify that the right product was sent.

If you liked, trying seeing how fast it can be drawn into or squirted out of a small-needled syringe could assure you as to whether it is oil or not.