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My Protein Sparing Modified Fast Log


okay guys, its offical now. i had a big celebration for christmas yesterday and feasted. i want to get my warrior body back. my diet is very simple..eating small serving packet of tuna every hour from the time i rise untill the time i sleep. im taking a good multivitamin in the morning as well, and drinking a ton of water.

my maintainance calories are 1,400. with this diet, im taking in 840 calories. 200 grams of protein, which does seem like alot to me but i think the calories are low enough to prevent weight gain. i will update as much as i can most likely every morning and night.

starting weight last night: 129.6
morning weight today: 126.0
goal: 114 in 3 weeks


I think you might need help



with what?


you wouldn't loose a physique from a christmas feast. don't worry about it, just resume what you were doing.


With your goddamn head. What the fuck are you thinking, starving yourself at such a young age? Do you want to stop growing right now? Because that's all this plan is going to get you.

Damn, kid..


The worst thing is, there was a whole thread with people telling him NOT to do this. Bill Roberts said your body wants to gain weight, BONEZ217 said you're gonna be anorexic on extremly low calories.. I'm sure a few other people commented on how you could fuck yourself up with a dumb fucking plan like this.

If you're going to ignore all the advice that people have generously given to you in your previous thread, then you deserve whatever is coming to you. Best of luck, but I do NOT think that anything good will come of this.

Oh yeah, just so you know, a warrior's body is not 51 kg.


dude if your set on this leastways take in more than 40 non-protein calories!


..if my maintainance calories is 1,400..800 calories for fat loss and PSMF is a safe program isnt it?


Damn fighters and wrestlers...always doing some crazy shit.


Why do you want to weight only 114 lbs? Are you going for the insomniac look of Christian Bale in The Machinist? That seems strange.


its my weight class for wrestling..the pic of me is me at 114, i only need to make the weight twice more and then its done with..in no way am i trying to be 114 for long term


Look man, you have a whole thread with posters who are well-respected on these forums on this board advising you AGAINST cutting so low. Do you think it's a collective hobby of ours to knock on people trying to cut? You might be seriously fucking yourself up by trying to maintain your weight at such a low rate.

Ask yourself: is it so important for you to make this weight class that you are willing to jeopardise your physical development and future height for it? Would you accept making weight at the cost of being shorter in the future??

STILL, if you're gonna be a retard and do it anyway, at least do it right. Diversify your protein choices and add healthy fats.

By the way, for what it's worth, I think your body REALLY wants to grow right now, so you might not be able to make this weight and perform well, period, since it's possible the mass you've gained went to muscle, or bones, or whichever other non-fatty tissues.



12-14 pounds in 3 weeks?? good luck, you"ll probably pass out once you get off the scale...not safe. But whatever, all my wrestler friends in college did it...they looked like they had cancer the day of the weigh in but they got through it.


Wait.. just for clarification purposes:
You're going to rely on nothing but tuna fish and multivitamins to fulfill your nutritional needs for the next three weeks while in a caloric deficit at 126 pounds... to get your "warrior body" back?

I didn't see you asking any questions about your diet in your original post, but here's a response anyways:
It sucks.

If you're going to starve yourself, at least consider diversifying what you eat and actually getting a "sufficient" range of nutrients.


well said


tuna, multivitamin, and now broccoli. im not expecting 12-14 pounds of fat loss, alot will be water weight from low carbs. the past week i went on a way over maintainance binge of disgusting things like donuts and i just could not stop eating the sweets..im mostly bloated.

i feel like im doing it safe, and your guys opinions do matter to me..so im adding broccoli and taking out 1 of the tuna servings. my calorie deficit is about 700 under maintainence..im getting adequete protein to protect LBM and the multi-v to help me not be malnourished.. i dont feel starved right now after a successful day 1...


If our opinions don't matter to you, why did you make a thread about this?


i said do matter...


I'm not sure a person can survive on 800 calories a day. 1100 or thereabouts is about as low as i can imagine.

Even if it is possible, all the common sense i have in me tells me it shouldn't be done (or tested).

As someone else said, you are in high school, you are growing. It is not necessarily the case that you always need to be making the same weight class you made in the past. Instead, why not try getting as strong as possible in the next 3 weeks and compete in the next weight class above 114 as one strong mother fucker?


because i know i can make the weight as i did it safely i felt fine before..and my spot on the team where they need me to be is 114, which i maintained fine when season started.