My Prohormone Plan

In the coming weeks I plan to start the following:

2, 3 week phases consisting of primarily upper body hypertrophy training.
Upper body 2 days a week and lower body 1 day a week.

I usually train 3 weeks on 1 week off.

“The stack”
1-AD (ergopharm) 100 mg / 3x a day
MAG-10 4-AD-EC the Destroyer (Biotest) 100mg / 3x a day.

The plan is to take the above for 6 weeks, 3 x a day, 8 hours evenly spaced apart. I’m not sure if I will start the 2nd phase right after week 3, or if I will take a week off. IT will all depend on my recovery.

Anyways… posting this here, hoping some vets can give me some feedback on the above.

Also, I’ve posted ina couple forums. Some say take nolva, some say its not necessary. When I finish week 6, I want to keep my gains and upp the test levels if needed.

So is Nolva needed?
And if not, and I do take it is there anything I should watch out for or be concerned with?


If you were only running things for two weeks, I’m not sure nolva would be necessary. But six weeks is a different story. By that point, I would expect suppression.

I know I didn’t bounce back immediately after my four-week run with the MAG-10. Which is why I now prefer the protocol of 2on, 2off, repeat, etc.

Dunno about nolva, seems 6 weeks might need some PCT, BUT you’re only going to train 3 times a week?

When I do a MAG-10 cycle I plan on training 6-8 times a week at least, with some twice a days thrown in here and there.

You will be recovering much faster, so why not increase the frequency?

In the past when I have done MAG-10, I didnt knotice any problems with my test. But then again I didnt have blood work done before and after.

I’ve did some searches and many posts say MAG-10 doesnt shut you down.

As for multiple day training. No. Don’t have the time or schedule to do that. I’d be curious to give it a shot. But work and other obligations in place.

Training A,B,C in a 7 day week is the plan. Although once started things may change according to how Im feeling and recovery. Hence if I’m recovering fast I could train A,B,C,A or A,B,C,A,B in a 7 day week. Only time will tell.

My biggest concern is will a SERM be needed? Or just OTC stuff ie: rebounXt, 6 oxo be enough?

Get real novedex or clomiphene for gods sake… and next time just use real juice!

[quote]muscle_mike wrote:
Get real novedex or clomiphene for gods sake… and next time just use real juice![/quote]

Thank you MM!!! Why is ther NOT a pro-hormone forum??? This is really getting old.