My Progression, Starting Cut

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Solid build. Legs?

Could you maybe use some words to explain what your training and diet is like, so this doesn’t just seem like a plug for your IG page?

Height/current weight? How long are you cutting/what’s the goal?

it’s gonna be hard to make it seem like it’s not a plug for his IG page, when it’s clearly a plug for his IG page.

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Fortunately I’m a problem solver. :wink:


I’m 5"11 currently weighing 205 pounds, I’m done my cut in 4 weeks until I start my bulk again, trying to eat around 2500-3000 calories a day and reach at least 6-8% body fat

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You look at lot bigger than 205lbs! Big boy back and shoulders.


Agreed. That back thickness is pretty insane. I’ve been 205 lean before, and I didn’t have a back like that. I also don’t think my arms looked like that, but that could be a body dysmorphia thing. I’m honestly trying to figure out where I make up the weight… legs I guess.

Thanks guys! I think I just look bigger in pictures than in real life haha

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Holy fuck dude. If I were you I’d never cut and just achieve yoked status. If you’re only 205 I’d keep bulking to 230 and be fooking hooge