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My Progress?


First, I want to give you guys a little background information.

I'm 18 years old 6'0" 165lb, before this year I would eat crap, that is eat noting the entire day come home from school, eat sweets, and a big dinner. I would do this every day. I wasn't involved in any sports, basically I did noting.

Finally in Decmeber of last year I decided to change my life completly. I would change my diet and get a lot more exercise. It's been almost a month and a half and I have done just what I said I would do. I now eat 4-5 times a day and most of the time my meals include vegetables and fruits.

For breakfast I eat some high fiber cereal with 2% milk followed by an apple or bannana and a 1/2 cup of spinach. I then drink whey protein with water and fish oil.

Next comes lunch, I eat a sandwich with 2 slices of whole wheat bread, mayo, spinach, apple or bannana, one slice of chicken breast, and provolone cheese.

Some time later I will post my diet for a full day because I don't want my post to be too long. So, how is my breakfast and lunch?

My workout is 3 days a week, M W F. I try to do at least 8 reps but no more than 12 and I start with a warmup set which is 50% of a real set. If I do 12 reps in my first set than on the next workout day I start with my 2nd set weight and add more weight my next set.

This is when I started:


January 2, 2006
weight(lb) x reps

Set 1: 52 x 8
Set 2: 58 x 8

Upright Row - shoulders

Set 1: 20 x 12
Set 2: 26 x 10

Barbell Bent-over Row - back

Set 1: 26 x 12
Set 2: 30 x 10

Barbell Close Grip Bench Press - Triceps

Set 1: 30 x 12
Set 2: 36 x 9

Dumbbell Curl - Biceps

Set 1: 20 x 8

My workout for today: February 10, 2006

   weight(lb) x reps


Set 1: 76 x 10
Set 2: 80 x 6

Upright Row - shoulders

Set 1: 40 x 10
Set 2: 46 x 8

Barbell Bent-over Row - back

Set 1: 50 x 11
Set 2: 56 x 9

Barbell Close Grip Bench Press - Triceps

Set 1: 56 x 10
Set 2: 30 x 8

Dumbbell Curl - Biceps

Set 1: 20 x 10
Set 2: 23 x 7

Squats - Quads

Set 1: 36 x 12
Set 2: 40 x 10


Bicycle Exercise: As much as I can do x 3 sets

How do you guys think I'm progressing? Too slow? Anything I should change? Add? Subtract? Please some feedback/advice.


I would keep what you're doin, but do more sets. 1 or 2 sets never got me anywhere. As a beginner, I think that 3-5 sets with a volume of 25-30 would be right. I'm sure you'll get more advice from everyone else, and probably referred to a workout. Good luck and and keep it up.


Well, it looks like you are making progress, which is great. Your routine is ok, but there are much better ones you can do all over this site. Here's a thread that was started for newbies.


This one is also good.

They cover all the bases from nutrition to supplements to workout programs. Read through those and do some of the programs. You will be good to go for a long time, and will be on your way to having some idea of what you are doing. Good luck.

P.S. Alwyn Cosgrove just released a book called the New Rules of Lifting that can be picked up at Barnes and Noble. It's really informative and has a bunch of programs, if you have the 20 bucks I'd get it.